[NOP] Versatile Silicone Rope
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The material is 100% silicone. Although it has moderate elasticity, its elongation is about 1.5 to 2 times easier to handle, and a soft touch to the skin.

Unlike cotton rope and hemp rope, even if it gets wet with love juice or lubricant, moisture does not permeate and post-treatment or maintenance is unnecessary. Even if you do not have special goods knowledge, you can use it easily and it is a very easy-to-handle bondage item.

Because of silicone material it is safe for allergic people.
The total length is about 5 m. If it connects two, it can respond to tortoise restraint, and even if it cuts in half it is long enough to connect each limb. If you use it better, you can restrain limbs using the corner of the bed.

In addition, the thickness of 6 mm in diameter is an exquisite balance where rope tying easiness and bite into skin are just right. Because it is also excellent in tensile strength, it boasts the same reliability as a general rope.