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"Designed Ergonomically & Analyzing the Needs of Women"

"High level of satisfaction with orgasm"
To pursue this desire, RENDS conducted tests rigorously over and over and finally achieved the best design for stimulating the part accurately after studying ergonomics and making improvements on prototypes repeatedly.

"No False Triggering, Perfect Response & Easy Control with One Button"

RENDS succeeded to shift from the existing analog design to digital design and digitalizing achieves stable motions which don't get affected by circumstances.
There are 5 stimulation patterns in total that are Low-Mid-High vibration levels, Pattern A and Pattern B. From the traditional motion to a newly made wavelike motion, you can enjoy those with only one button as you like.

"Wireless Remote Control with Smartphone & BLE Enables a Long Distance Operation"

The biggest advantage is that you can control it with your smartphone.
Using Vorze Controller makes it even easier to control. Bluetooth can work over 30m long distance if there's no blockage. It's perfect out of doors not only in doors.