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Goods review
About two years have passed since the production of "A10 piston" which is one of R-1 products developed by RENDS has finished production. Everyone was sad about production completion of A10 piston, but suddenly it appeared this Piston Heat IR.

The manufacturer is a start-up company "GOLDEN" in China who debuted with a product called "VORTECH".
As this manufacturer, a Chinese company I thought that the design closely resembled the RENDS product, and it could be appealed as a copy product.
Still it is imported and distributed normally, so I wondered and asked directly to RENDS.
Then, although it is not publicly announced, RENDS seems to be firmly intervening from the development stage as well, which seems to have been completed by receiving various advice from developers of "A10 piston".

If there is such a background, it can not be regarded as NLS as "the orthodox evolution version of the A10 piston".

In fact, this is an impression like a "fully upward compatible model" that upgraded "A10 piston" in all aspects, at the moment I think that it is no problem to define "the best piston type electric onerhall in the world" at the present time It was.

A cordless body drawing a beautiful streamlined shape is light and easy to handle, adopting the in-piston system which is easy to be stabilized even when pushed against the lower body.
Several piston type halls have been released since the "A10 piston", but most of them have been out piston type as usual.