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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Disposable >> Bambina Hole
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by makers >> JOY BOX >> Bambina Hole

Bambina Hole
Bambina Hole
Item code: 5049
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Goods review
Although the package or naming of this product are not quite satisfactory and I can consider to mere common goods,
In fact, this product is a hidden excellent article with sensational internal spec.
It is the tightness of a hole to differ deterministically compared with other cup holes.
It is not a cheap thing which raises the resin hardness often seen and makes a hole diameter small,
Since it is made to express by deluxe resin volume and gimmick,
It is wonderful that this small cup can be expressing the tightness by a pressure.
Compared with other cup holes, 130 g of 2 to 3 times is being used for the quantity of the resin prepared in the cup including a bound part.
This has worked on the improvement in a pressure inside a cup.
Moreover, if the elasticity of resin is also used and a finger is put in by making the resin hole after molding turn over and insert, it will fall into the feeling which is likely to be inhaled by the hole.
The detailed image of goods

Length: 14.5cm Diameter: 6.0cm.

Configurations are orthodox cup + sponge + plastic holes.

We can change the feeling in the bottom seal air conditioning.

Hall made it after molding.

Turn over the brute force of the hall are housed in the Hall of State took the cup is always tension.

86g weight is also a great hall.

Bound part of this rumor.Pushed to the bottom of the hole, further dramatizing the pressure.And products used around 300 yen seem very luxurious design.

Supported by the outer sponge, plastic lined hole and bound parts.


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