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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Maintenance >> Medy Ene-Washer
Sex Toy NLS >> Anal Toys >> Choose by type >> Cleaning anus >> Medy Ene-Washer

Medy Ene-Washer
Medy Ene-Washer
Item code: 8489
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A multipurpose cleaning pump that can be used for "every hole" including large oner holes was released as A-One's "Medi Series".

This series ... NLS has sold two types of Medy Easy Pump (130ml / 2 pcs) and Medy Plastic Beak so far, both of which are gaining popularity as a cheap model with medical equipment as a motif.

This looks like Enemga Syringe which is a general medical device, but this is a sex toy. Please note that it is not medical equipment.

Specification for suction / discharge is almost the same as Enemga Syringe.
Because it can be used without excess or deficiency functionally, those who would like to purchase cheaper ones are recommended to be here for a low price version.

Of course, since it is less than half price, the quality is inferior to Enemga Syringe.
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