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Sex Toy NLS >> Vibrators >> Choose by feature >> Vibe without swing function >> Casper Cutie
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Casper Cutie
Casper Cutie
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Goods review
The head portion has been realized a smooth insertion is slim.
Everyone mini version of the G spot stimulation specialized vibrator to enjoy feel free!

You can not even imagine from the cute form, from the ultra-offensive Vibe "Casper" of RENDS, 2 one of the derived model has appeared! This work is one of them, is the head size was downsizing "Cutie".

Which is the base of this work "Casper" is, since its introduction in December 2013, the non-swing vibe of the G spot specialized type that has captivated many women.
Its track record is I think obvious if you look at the reviews, but will positioned as just "the best ever" is regarded as masterpieces of perfect.

But ... for too with an emphasis on tightness of the G spot, even the user was buying, which could not be inserted Nakaniwa fact. The need for a smaller version that you size down to insert RENDS are also fully aware of, and started the development of this work without opening between almost from the sale of "Casper".
Also specifications and concept to say the same, just is not and I'm Mont should I simply small. According to the RENDS, that of the vagina is pursuing the optimal shape for narrow women and nulliparous (women without birth experience), head design was again from almost the beginning.

Also head to pressure the G spot by filling in the vagina, also arm to stimulate so as to sandwich the "everyone loves clitoris", and even all inside and outside of the vagina is also trembling vibration with vibration ON acts efficiently, G spot Of course, it will me tell pleasure to the back of the vaginal portion of cervix.

It should be noted, I would like you caution, the "Casper" of previous work for the normally swallowed woman, this work of the smaller version does not have much merit.
This "Cutie" previous work has not put out hands you did ... or scared can insert absolutely painful, please think "for narrow vagina woman".

According to RENDS personnel, including "Casper Wormy" is another of the derived model, this series is the time being as complete.
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