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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Electric masturbator >> A10 Cyclone SA
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by makers >> RENDS >> A10 Cyclone SA

A10 Cyclone SA
A10 Cyclone SA
Item code: 7717

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[2014/10/24: Additional inner sleeve!]
The new inner sleeves "SPIRAL" and "CRYSTAL" have been added!

[2014/10/29: Specification change]
The dedicated inner sleeve for A10 Cyclone SA is no longer included, so we lowered the price for the main unit. Please remember to separately purchase the A10 Cyclone SA dedicated sleeves when purchasing this product.

R-1 series is a flagship product that represents RENDS.
"A10 Cyclone " is a product that pioneered a new market by a wealth of accessories and stimulation of lateral rotation, was a big hit explosively in that.

And, "A10 Cyclone SA (Stand Alone)" model to be the successor of this is.
And a clear distinction from the R-1 series so far, announced as the new brand of "VORZE", as not a simple sequel of "A10 Cyclone" anymore, it had evolved to be surprised.

First of all, please look at this design. As claiming RENDS is "consumer electronics of" confident, fascinating coloring and stylish body has far beyond the area of adult goods. It is close to a fairly high price set to #Home Appliances" also base price of course.

Unlike the R-1 series was needed separate controller, which will run by itself as the name of the Stand Alone is shown.

To communicate with a personal computer wirelessly The biggest feature is the "video linkage function". If playing a video on VORZE player dedicated that comes with the SA, and will turn with the video!
The board is equipped with a communication module called "BLE", can communicate not only the personal computer, with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in the future. (Smartphone linkage function is released in August, 2014)

VORZE player specifications

Player Compatible OS Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1
MP4, WMV video format playback support, AVI, MOV
Play and download CSV file format
Update VORZE Official Site
It is available in the (
(Updated version at any time schedule)

Accessories for VORZE SA Products are also available!
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