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Sex Toy NLS >> Lubricants >> Choose by feature >> For anal use >> BLANC SECRETE (Standard)
Sex Toy NLS >> Lubricants >> Choose by brand >> NLS ORIGINAL >> BLANC SECRETE (Standard)
Sex Toy NLS >> Gay/Lesbian >> Gay >> Gay selection >> Lubricants >> BLANC SECRETE (Standard)
Sex Toy NLS >> Anal Toys >> Choose by type >> Anal lube >> BLANC SECRETE (Standard)

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To fit perfectly for anal play RENDS paid a lot of attention to the ingredients and its combination rates, and the result is a water-based silicone lubricant that RENDS now is proud to introduce you to! It feels just like a thick hand cream and is really easy to attach to your toys and of course the skin as well. Even for the more delicate inner parts, the mucosal membrane, it wonft leave any pain they day after use. Also as itfs made of silicone it is easy to wash off which is another strong feature of Blanc Secrete!

Silicone lubricants with high lubrication are perfect for anal play but difficult to wash off and if some gets stuck to your clothes it leaves a greasy stain. Say good bye to all that now! By introducing this special water based hybrid silicone lubricant RENDS clears away all those worries. No oily surfaces and super easy to use and wash off!

Also by showing all ingredients (above) RENDS provides relief to our users and can even further appeal the safety of this product. Its kind to your skin and your delicate parts – the perfect lubricant – Blanc Secrete is a waste to miss out on.
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