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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Accessories >> NEW USB Onaho Warmer
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by makers >> RENDS >> NEW USB Onaho Warmer

NEW USB Onaho Warmer
NEW USB Onaho Warmer
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USB Onaho Warmer of the extreme popularity has evolved !
Quality of detail is improved, and easier to use.

After repeated improvement of many, became a hit all-time as the original products NLS, "USB Onaho Warmer" was released from RENDS!

To cope with the medium-sized Onaho slightly slightly bigger, the total length of the longer 1.5cm, cable was hard to use with short little is extended also more than doubled, performance is now well, it is excellent maneuverability.
Part of the root that connects the cable and body becomes doubly further processed, splash-proof durability and performance also rose. It is not waterproof, but can be used without problems if exposed to much lotion.

Fever performance basic to warm your Onaho has not changed the old model of NLS. The fever just to be connected to the USB port of a PC, the body itself will be warm in a minute or two.

It changes slightly depending on the size and material , but the internal warms slightly in a couple of minutes to put in Onaho, and all you need to do is wait five minutes.
Onaho there is a warmth like a vagina totally genuine is very comfortable.

Old model as well, with USB2.0 (500mA) only and has no thermostat and temperature control or.
Such as the use of the recommended standard USB and non- unattended for a long time that remained were fever, can cause fire or an unexpected accident, please be careful to use.

In addition, the NLS of the old model" USB Onaho Warmer " is the production end to the launch of USB Onaho Warmer of this RENDS.
It will be sold to the end when they closed out the remaining stock, If you would like, please purchase as soon as possible the old model.
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