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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Accessories >> NEW USB Onaho Warmer
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by makers >> RENDS >> NEW USB Onaho Warmer

NEW USB Onaho Warmer
NEW USB Onaho Warmer
Item code: 7534
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Just by connecting it to a USB (2.0 / 500mA) it gets hot and after that simply insert it into your masturbator for a nice warmed up session of enjoyment! This USB Onaho Warmer is a super simple and convenient item for your everyday masturbation. The feeling of inserting your penis into a heated up masturbator makes it feel just like a real vagina and as it only takes 5 minutes to heat it its super easy to use anywhere and anytime!

The length of the stick is 15 cm and will without any problems fit in most masturbators, letting no heat away. Thanks to the USB cable being longer than 80cm makes it really easy to connect to for example your laptop. Just connect it and it will be perfectly heated up just in time for you to start to play enjoying some porn on the internet!

The stick gets warm after 1-2 minutes after connection and the surface temperature is 37, please though note that the temperature might vary in different environments.

Onaho Warmer is a super convenient item to make your masturbation feel even better and something that we want all users to try out. You wonft be disappointed!
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