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Sex Toy NLS >> Gay/Lesbian >> Gay >> Gay selection >> Anal goods >> [NOP] Grape Bomb
Sex Toy NLS >> Anal Toys >> Choose by type >> Anal goods >> [NOP] Grape Bomb

[NOP] Grape Bomb
[NOP] Grape Bomb
Item code: 7283
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Goods review
(NOP) = NLS Original Product

Released for the second consecutive week following the "earth sounds" "Grape Bomb" This is the latest installment of NLS private brand series. Anal beads are now standard shapes.

Renju type made little by little from the tip of about 1cm thick, nine ball push me in all the anus in millimeters. Relatively friendly to beginners so 2.8cm at most, if we accustom slowly over time, the diameter of the ball will be able to step up reasonably.

Unlike resin material with moderate hardness and plastic, friendly feeling of insertion attractive mucosa. No more and no less bending and flexibility, and good operability of the finger hook hook.
Also, if you set the egg-shaped rotor, such as "Rich rotor" to ring in hand, delicate vibration is transmitted to the tip.

If those who are familiar with the anal goods, the usefulness of this work should be seen in your glance. Since many existing products of the same type, such as "Anappy" or "Anadi", image and even longer staple goods.

However, differs significantly from existing products still price them.
Taking advantage of the unique power of realization NLS, was an overwhelming success in less than half the price reduction of the conventional product. Of course, because it does not take at all comparable in terms of quality, I would say that the highest level of cost performance ever among the anal goods.

Beginner course, depending on the device is enough to satisfy advanced users, Anal beads Renju type of NLS original. I feel that for the time being likely to reside in the top ranking of Anal category I will.
The detailed image of goods

The purple color is exactly like grape! You can easily see the size of the beads on the package.

Get used to it little by little.

The texture makes it easier to put in, and it's very flexible.

This pull ring allows an easy control when playing.

You can also put a bullet in the ring! Make Grape Bomb a vibrating anal beads!

Enjoy it with your partner too!


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