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Puni Hole DX
Puni Hole DX
Item code: 7270
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Goods review
Large size Onahoru Moe is born from EXE! Until now, speaking with grace and large packages were largely based AV actress. However, this work is a professional writer Mr. maruku of charge to the body from the picture molding design package. Ro~ori attribute matches gentlemen, it is a 2-hole Onaho dream.

When I opened the package, big body of about 2.4kg and ka-boom appears.
Real profusely different formative design was also a popular writer in the same way, the "! Tsuinte not Rerelease of secret" or "TU · BO · MI", because there is a volume of this work.
I feel like I'm in front of a real little girl just has to, I've asked around restlessly and involuntarily (Laughs)

Material will sink and quiet Motchiri an elastomer, while there was tension and elasticity Innovation pudding, and slowly force. It also has been kept to a minimum with a solid surface, the oil smell wafting in size only to the size considerably strengthened.

When the Sujiman Kupa puffed Plump, labia minora appear more cute, I invite the winding road leading to the penis back. Although it is not a double structure, this visual is dope doctor! Will be knocked out would definitely gentleman pervert.

When you insert pouring plenty of lotion with Nuke, and tightened vagina Gyugyu~tsu pressure Onaho unique heavyweight, large and small folds that are processed into full vaginal wall comes entangled in unison.

Near, towards the second half of the front and back and a small waist while being inserted deeply into the more genuine feeling of insertion, pressure from the entire penis in the vagina and stimulate the Hotel Russelsheim Ryu tool tool than the first half.
Feel and hit the wall at the base of the swing hip, at that time, such as increasing the degree of visual excitement in a composite manner, I was even more disappointing Shimai acme as early as ....

Towards the anal stimulation occurs intermittently rub is uneven structure features were crunchy Innovation for narrow bore straight though.

Anal with a real feeling of insertion is a little different, stimulating pleasure is therefore higher. In the state in which the meat is also erotic ass tremble when we arrived from the back, it closed with a finger through the hole you have, I also enjoy churn and vacuum.

You can also adjust the degree of tightness by stimulating pleasure delicately changes I change the position for both front and rear holes, apply pressure from the outside. This freedom is a benefit of this work Only with body size, wall thickness, would not be able to compete superiority never in the hand hole of around 500g.

In a large hall with a great performance formative beauty and pleasure, this price is quite astounding illustration of Mr. maruku and CD-ROM comes with a lotion bottle.
It is worth buying even without my Ro~ori attribute, it is strongest Onaho Cospa.
The detailed image of goods

Mr. Puni hole · maruku painter draws, package is too erotic Bravo. In addition to the body, CD-ROM collection of beautiful illustrations and comes with a lotion bottle, it ~ is also high sense of bargain.

Mega size that is heavily weighted. Does not hold a candle to the orthodox, such as "best live hip", this volume modeling and realistic sense of dazzling us by Onahoru Ro~ori system. NLS numeric measured value

Vagina which childishness remains are wrapped in the plump labia majora. Then Bowser in plain view in the back is ... Iboibo spread.

Also available chrysanthemum gate opened in the ass with a whole Innovation. And push with your fingers, this allows the inner wall has been invited too obscene indecent.

Through easy-to-wash formula. Two holes will lead to one on the way, I have to pass through to the other side. Also occurs if I vacuum stopper.

It is slightly smaller in size, is attacked by a sense of immorality, such as committing the like real girls. However, it is good!

Balance of material hardness is very good. Innovation and the feeling was pre-elasticity is comfortably glutinous, realize a sense of tightness and insertion of the best.

2-hole of anal vagina road curved and straight. Sense of each insert is quite different, it is twice as comfortably!


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