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You're My Idol!
You're My Idol!
Item code: 7205
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Goods review
You will be impressed on the internal structure of this complex and powerful!

The exterior design is very simple. Body drew a gentle curve, the fit naturally into the hand, and delivers performance no more and no less even strokes.
You are using a soft elastomer material that, without the softer name, the balance of softness and tension is exquisite. The enchanted touch granular system similar to dignity. Almost no smell or stickiness, material is excellent.
Onaho inside of this with an emphasis on ejaculation can have quite elaborate, a large three-stage structure is waiting for you from the beginning.
Presence is the best and the brightest always produce a stimulus entangle the penis during stroke, rub, this stimulus would stand out just the opposite speaking, it has faded somewhat delicate another stimulus is regrettable.

Radical has an area named "Vortex Attack" midfield. There is a wall painted a spiral meat in the internal space, you have attacked the moment you insert the penis.
The diameter of the hole is narrow and I do not never, I feel even moderate tightening thanks to this structure. In the penis is not known until the fine molding internal, entangle in this area is clearly lifted by rotating the body.
Dome such as the impression is not the end, but feel a thing insufficient to irritation or vacuum force to the dickhead, the feel of wall warts and meat is a complex combination of longitudinal fold is comfortable, are made carefully from the beginning until the end was received.

To a comprehensive pro-stimulation is characteristic of slow somewhat, the positive effect of the material also entangle inner, ejaculation is sufficiently higher capacity. The sublimation and doggy play in a fixed state Onaho In particular, apart from the hand stroke, and to the tremendous pleasure.
The detailed image of goods

Drawn by a famous porn manga artist called "Shiwasu no Okina".

Middle size. The material feels so good.

The non-penetrated body is very flexible and easy to insert!

Double structure looks always so naughty.

You will experience different stimulation depending on the parts!

Can you imagine how it will stimulate your thing with this complicated structure?


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