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Seventeen Bordeaux
Seventeen Bordeaux
Item code: 7139
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Goods review
"Seventeen" is a product that became synonymous with Toys Heart.
Seventeen series is a product typical of this company, is a hit series Grasp the fan base in new "Seventeen Evolution" made a route change in the attitude of the attack in July 2009, which boasts the popularity of real estate to this day .
Spring 2012, "Seventeen Bordeaux" and third series, was released long-awaited and finally after about three years from it!

The first thing I was surprised to get is a sense of material of urethane foam and fluffy. By feel close to the "SI-X Series", the outer material is visible bubbles here and there.
Well, there is hardly any odor material texture of the surface. "Evolution" is the strength of the tension there was a young gal like, this is a feel reminiscent of the calm "adult woman", and finished to a very nice balance hardness.
Double structure of the common series, "Evolution" does not change, the "Bordeaux" which had a flashy internal structure has been regression origin. Combines with the holes in the system similar to the first straight, the processing similar to the vaginal wall "NLS Rubber Hole".

And try to insert, this warts produces a soft stimulation. Inner material is wrapped around the penis at the same time, the outer material will have to tighten moderately.
Features and would say, "Bordeaux" is full-bodied wine with flavors such as fresh stimulus, such as "Evolution" was different, and very aged.
Mouth of the uterus in the back as well as the original, comes with sucking on the tip peckerhead.
This unique sound is very obscene, but also has the effect of enhancing the level of excitement by hearing, and for those who are living with their families, it may become troublesome element.
Vacuum control is easy to so flexible material, is also excellent with smoke.
Will be very high stimulation while in close contact with the penis in the vacuum ultra, if vigorously rubbing the vaginal wall. It has versatility to the contrary, can also enjoy a long stroke play with a gentle, slow play is a high stimulus will satisfy a lot of people to love people from the people you like.

Since a double structure, washing is not possible to flip it over, Toys Heart Onaho of high durability, cost performance is very good even compared to the performance and pleasure.
None of your experience, but also how indebted the past two terrible to work, please digs in peace please the "Seventeen" series.
It is just like a real watered down, to feel like melting.
The detailed image of goods

So cute girl on the cover! She is busty!!

100g lighter than the last one. The outer material is urethane foam.

Looks so realistic! It's tough yet elastic. (Non-penetrated)

It tightens your thing all the time. Inner color looks exactly the same as NLS Rubber Hole!

Compared to the last ones!

Can you imagine how good it makes it feel so good? You can easily adjust the inner pressure to avacate the air.


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