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Michinoku Dildo Jr.
Michinoku Dildo Jr.
Item code: 7080-2
In stock
Michinoku Dildo Jr.
Item code: 7080-1
In stock
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Goods review
The long-term seller dildo under popular monopoly added the kind!
Superman mind goods which save the 1st immovable place in the latest dildo ranking in here "Michinoku Dildo."
It is a long seller item in which repeat purchase is done by the women who became infatuation to the design it is comfortable and slightly thicker using appearance like moderate tension and a genuine article in many cases.
However, it waited eagerly for the appearance of size also with an opinion small not few that it is too large at one side, and painful.
The downsized version "Michinoku Dildo Jr." of "Michinoku Dildo" was put [ whether such a user's voice reached the maker, and ] on the market at last!
A material and textures are conventionally the same as a model.
Details, such as a real blood vessel and dickhead which rose, are also inherited firmly.
The sucker, not to mention it, is excellent in the direction of Jr.
When pulled strongly, it might separate, but the existing model is the type with which the sucker was inserted in the main part, and Jr is a main part integral type.
The edge of a sucker also becomes thickness and adsorption power and its pliability are improving.
The existing model said to be "slightly thick" is regarded as "L" by the appearance of this Jr, and is classified into "S" and "M" according to it this time, respectively.
"M" is actually the closest to Japanese average size, and M of a rival's "Arab" is the first popular model.
Moreover, if it is such size, a beginners' class person and a middle-class person can enjoy themselves also by the anus, and the broader needs can be met.
Long-awaited small size of a dildo category most added to the hot product.
it will be more and more popular from now on!!
The detailed image of goods

Quite simple packages!

This is "Small". It's can be good for anal play, too!!

"Medium" is Japanese average size. We recommend for you for who are not used to big ones!

Even though they are smaller, the texture, flexibility and the quality are still the same as the original one.

Since the dildo and the suction cup are integrated, it's so adsorptive!!

Comparison among the series! Large (to the right) is the original one.


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