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Ona Clean
Ona Clean
Item code: 7009
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Goods review
The industryfs first aromatic substance with pheromone hit the street as the latest product of FILLY!! Itfs a fascinating aromatic substance which you can expect an effect on pheromone just to have it in the living room, beside bed and in the car. The black body fits any situation and interior and the cover has a structure that adjusts the smell.
So you can control the concentration of the smell in the air. Itfs very convenient that you can adjust the amount of pheromone which attracts opposite-sex like the other pheromone sprays. The smell is based on FILLY pheromone solid perfume. Menfs FILLY is based on refreshing and sweet musk and womenfs FILLY is based on peach yet not too sweet. They smell very softly. The entire space covered with pheromone becomes totally your own home. Itfd give you a lot of power when you want to get her/him who you have designs on!!
The detailed image of goods

The bottle is compact! Net weight is 150g. You can use it for 50 times (3g per one time) as a rough guide.

You can easily take the lable away. None would recognize it's an adult item.

3g is the adequate amount for one time. You can pour the powder in the masturbator directly. The cleansing enzyme (orange grains) degrades dirt.

It starts bubbling in a moment pouring water. If it's soft material, wash it carefully and rinse it like shaking so you can minimize damage.

Image of mannan-scrub. The outer soft part shaves to absorb dirt and gets smaller and smaller. You don't have to worry about damaging your masturbators.

Look! How clean your masturbator can be to wash with "Ona Clean"! Since dried alum is blended, it feels more refreshing!!

The numerous prototypes! Cleansing professionals made sample pieces one after another and so we're very proud of Ona Clean!!

You can always keep your masturbators so clean to use Ona Clean and Onashutto which is the sister product of Ona Clean. Make your masturbation always comfortable!


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