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Sex Toy NLS >> Gay/Lesbian >> Gay >> Exclusive goods >> Cock ring >> Superstar Enhancement Cock Ring
Sex Toy NLS >> Mens enhancement >> Choose by Type >> Cockring >> Superstar Enhancement Cock Ring

Superstar Enhancement Cock Ring
Superstar Enhancement Cock Ring
Item code: XRAC477
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Goods review
We ordered the penis ring unusual type from US.
Because the common penis ring is only binding the root part of the pole tight, by repeating the piston motion in a sexual act and contraction of a penis, and expansion, a ring shifts or it sometimes separated frequently.
Therefore, before attaining to the original purpose of penis enhancement, the scene which makes a sexual act spoilt was also.
In order that this product may prevent a ring separating and may heighten fixed power more, it is the "superstar cockring" which made two rings unify.
First of all, please let a thicker ring pass to a penis.
And please place another ring to a testis.
Two rings not only heighten fixed power, but raise a pleasant sensation at the time of ejaculation by squeezing a testis.
Also in a design, you can enjoy yourself as an attractive cockring above all.
Even though you use it of course together with a partner, please use also at the time of Masturbator usage.
[Male enhancement]
The detailed image of goods


Unusual shape like a ring.

The penis ring by soft resin is a little thick like a doughnut.
Since a touch area is large, a feeling of wearing is gentle.

First of all, it lets a ring pass to a penis.

And place another ring to a testis.

Two rings cross right-angled and prevent that ring get separated from penis.


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