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Sex Toy NLS >> Recommendation >> FOR HER >> [NOP] Rich Rotor
Sex Toy NLS >> Mini Vibrators >> Choose by shape >> Egg >> [NOP] Rich Rotor

[NOP] Rich Rotor
[NOP] Rich Rotor
Item code: 5813
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Goods review
(NOP) = NLS Original Product

Probably, many people know existence of this product even by those who do not know adult goods in detail.
Even though it is not so showy as swing vibes, it is a product which appears well focusing on an adult video.
It is easy to treat because since the width of stimulation is wide it does not stop only at the soft image of using it for foreplays.
The "Rich rotor" released this time,
Neither specification nor power is different from a general bullet rotor, and also this low cost like soda has a strongly outstanding thing.
Furthermore, it will be delightful that the specialized bag of the fittest nonwoven fabric for storage is attached.
After a product arrives, you don't have to worry about storage of goods.
The new time-tested product of the bullet rotor was born here.
The detailed image of goods

The set product of a standard package with a specialized delightful bag which adopted the outstanding nonwoven fabric as the storage environment of a toy.
Fresh earth color also has feeling of purity.

Rotor full length is 5.5 cm and thickness is 2.5 cm.
The most standard size is sociable and a clear white color is also a trademark.

Operation is a stepless adjustment type.
It can tune finely.
A LED lamp is interlocked with power and comes on.
Size AA battery X2 (included.)
* When the product does not operate at the time of delivery of goods,
While you have made the LED lamp turn on, please give an impact lightly to the angle of the table, etc. with clack clack to break the eggshell of an egg for a rotor part.
Movement sometimes returns normally.

Because it is a high rotor of free nature, the side is traced not only with the stimulation to a nipple or clitoris.
You can trace the side with the rotor.
In the case of a male, it is to use it for stimulation of a glans.
The place of activity spreads from self usage to usage with a partner.


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