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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Accessories >> [NOP] Urethane Hip
Sex Toy NLS >> Love dolls >> Choose by Type >> Body Pillow >> [NOP] Urethane Hip

[NOP] Urethane Hip
[NOP] Urethane Hip
Item code: 5787
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(NOP) = NLS Original Product

This is a new masturbator accessory. It converts small rubber masturbator into a large one which allows you to shake your waist. We hear that there are many masturbator users who make good use of bedding or a cushion because swinging your waist toward masturbator makes you feel that you are having a real sex and the lower body can get satisfaction.
Even though a single masturbator can bring fun enough, can we get mental satisfaction? , this item gives you plenty feeling. We requested RENDS, Ltd. to develop exclusive product, which took two and half years until it completed. We expected this project was promoted only for Kashin, however, there was a hard time because we had to change two modeling factory also three urethane factory. We could not expect days of endless trouble. In other words, NLS stuff worked hard to study until we convince ourselves. Outstanding real size and high density urethane material as close as humane skin are developed for userfs contentment and aimed to bring out potential.
(Because it is calculated in the amount of bulk density of 4200 g, please understand the postage beforehand.)

Box size: 31 x 34 x 20 cm
Item size: 29 x 33 x 17 cm
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