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Sex Toy NLS >> Stimulating items >> Remote control >> [NOP] New Remote Egg Rotor
Sex Toy NLS >> Mini Vibrators >> Choose by type >> Wireless/Remote control >> [NOP] New Remote Egg Rotor

[NOP] New Remote Egg Rotor
[NOP] New Remote Egg Rotor
Item code: 5684
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(NOP) = NLS Original Product

Midst inflation Remote rotor to deliver ultra-low prices.This kind of product is cheap and 3,000 yen, but generally is around 5,000 yen, and purchased this product in direct negotiations with a minimum of the middleman, and to satisfy the high cost and always with We are confident.Improve the sensitivity of the basic remote control, stress was a decade ago has sufficient scope feel.Operating vibration 10 types of actions that can be used, because the low cost and also stop button, do not blame the blame ON ? OFF Bring me to play outdoors because you can handle button immediately.I feel I would rather Larger enclosure, using easily-available AA batteries 5 cheaper, so called because the design is waterproof, we'll give that point in the use.Shorts can be used if you use it as tucking in bed, large pockets of the selling firm to support or outdoors if it comes back and upper-Sitting the commitment Opunpokettoshotsu is recommended. combine the sensitivity and respond to the weak signal, you get the power to blow things.Please keep it unplugged when not in use whenever the battery. For this product, one of us thank you in person.
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In a case with a ribbon.The box itself is beautiful, Okemasu you are finished using it in your care.These considerations are very happy!

I am happy is not so large.Slender and simple, it looks something now is not design.

Rounded the tip is marked.Curve causes the tip to hold down clamp and two fingers.Please note that I stick to the force.

The round portion of the mark where the base, such as pressing and pinching two fingers, slowly let the curve.This time, so let's stick to the force.If the part mark is deceptively neat, smooth angles are attached.Please choose the desired angle.

Insert slowly.Wall of the vagina that was a part of the curved belly button.G Ataru's fun to find the perfect location just a part spot!.

The Vibe tip securely.Clitoris and vaginal entrance, I guess it feels like the Vibe.

Charge is very simple.Because magnet type, without penetrating the plug and begins charging the body with a pop just to overlap.

It is completely waterproof.Jubjub and can be washed, clean Temasu.


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