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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Small masturbators >> [NOP] NLS Original Masturbator
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by series >> NLS original >> [NOP] NLS Original Masturbator
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by structure >> Double structure >> [NOP] NLS Original Masturbator
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by structure >> Transparent >> [NOP] NLS Original Masturbator
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[NOP] NLS Original Masturbator
[NOP] NLS Original Masturbator
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Goods review
(NOP) = NLS Original Product

The jointly developed product of TH and NLS which create much popular Masterbators.
The sales over the past several years always made the "seventeen" of the first place the pattern.
It is the product which furthered development on the theme of "an artificial vagina" which sticks fast softly.
The product which was hung for one year and developed while clearing many subjects.
It is the performance of the conviction which development all the persons concerned approved by saying that satisfactory stimulation was made to the touch wrapped in softly felt whenever it goes to the back, though size is somewhat larger size than seventeen, and is made into the dual structure which differs in a material, and stimulation is thin.
* A trade name and a package are temporary.
Because it is a joint work incomparable otherwise, I think that he would like to determine a name and a package design by your power.
If there is hope of a "trade name" or a "package illustration" suitable for a brand image, please contribute from a page below.
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Length: 17.5cm Weight: 302g.

Yoshi Yoshi non-through type of sucking Plump entrance as well as easy to deploy and Seventeen.

Innovation rice good flexibility.

It seems that it is transmitted in the inside of obscene mastorbator which does not have a parallel in the past to the extent that it stares involuntarily that the vagina wall has struck the pulse.

Image deployment.

Comparison Seventeen Sebuntineboryushon.While maintaining the same species in common, three species emit 3-like personality.

Vertical fold invites to the back muscles, wrinkles, has a lust meat, to invite back the smooth.

Seven Tinrashii basis while taking over, clinging to the gentle stroke causes a sense of real meat.Can vent at the dome at the rear.

For example, seeing an inside before obscene, when a finger opens an inside also at the time of wearing to a love doll etc., and usage, or tampering with a finger will also support the empathy at the time of usage greatly.


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