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Love Arms
Love Arms
Item code: 5499
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As a result of our efforts created the world's best made by the whole body RENDS dildo.Skin over the breasts familiar material and Kashin "Daisy" 100 percent use more than one year development period, dildo born after monitoring a total of more than 30, but all women, "the real thing ..." mouth gems that.Adopted a two-layer structure like no other, like penis and cavernous parts, reproduction parts that directly touch the skin over the lining, using a toy that gives pleasure not feel like the real thing can.Slightly larger than the standard size is taken as a Japanese penis hardness is intended, creating a sense of soft penis slightly.Including hand grip and the shape of a penis with a curved line and is derived form of monitoring all of them repeatedly. This product is handmade by artisans, so each product may differ in measurements and weight.
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Renewed internal structure was base warts series.Cats thousand earthworm twines (V groove) becomes giving pleasure experience outstanding unprecedented.


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