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Fairy Mini
Fairy Mini
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Disturbed powerful super power home "fairy" to Nantes! 1 / successful small size 2.Speaking of fairy had monopolized the market was "Handy massager" break a stronghold of the product is selling control step form, the place has been established play using Handy massger Yes, is was halted.Mini-sized appeared but this time, the size unchanged and middle vibe half of what conventional sense vibrations yet has created the complete fine is smaller still vibrating over the fall off most.Miniaturization is in addition to dramatically improve the operation surface, one style and piston hard before utilizing lightweight H also allows for proposals broad others.Some sales of attachments that supports mini fairy.

*You need a transformer to use this product since the voltage is different in Japan and other countries. Japanese voltage is 100v.
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Length: 25.5cm Weight: 250g.

Comparison of Handimassaja.Please think about the size of same Handibaibu and fairy.

Compared with the vibe of the most popular classes.As you can see it almost the same.Fascination would do today may change the boundary of the history of vibe.

Very convenient with stepless adjustment.Super strong vibrations that in control, the essential feature is the absolute power Ma.

-Powered home.

Rino Shina head is also good.Without losing functionality in all aspects, just smaller product is fantastic.

With a private porch.


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