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Sex toys from Japan
Sex toys from Japan
We are the best adult toy shop in Japan!

How to order
How to order
Discreet packing & Fast shipping!

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NLS offers World's No1 price !

The best deel
As you might know most of adult toys are made in China and thanks to the convenient location of Japan from China , we can easily buy toys at reasonable prices. Furthermore there has been a keen price competition within Japan over the last decade. As a result , the price of adult toys in Japan have become the cheapest level. Secondly , NLS is the biggest online adult toy store in asia and therefore we can offer our customers the best price. Lastly but the most important factor that we offer the best price , NLS has our own factory in China.
Three major reasons why NLS can offer reasonable prices
NO.1PRICE To begin with the adult toys in Japan is the cheapest in the world.
BIGGEST SHOP Since NLS is the biggest in Asia we offer the best price.
COST DOWN Furthermore we have our own factory and manufactuer our original toys.
What can $100 buy in your country ?

We manfacture toys in China and import them directly into Japan without any middle agents in bitween.Therefore we carry many reasonable and reliable adut toys that other shops do not have. As an evidence please compare the price of ours that $100 can buy with those of the price in your coutries.

Egg bullet
Egg bullet
Conventional vibrator
Conventional vibrator
Remote controle bullet
Remote controle bullet
Lubricant 360ml
Water proof vibrator
Water proof vibrator
Tongue Vibrator
Tongue Vibrator
Goods cleaner
Goods cleaner
Domestic shipping cost
Int' shipping cost
Egg bullet
Egg bullet
Conventional vibrator
Conventional vibrator
Remote controle bullet
Remote controle bullet
Domestic shipping cost
Domestic shipping cost

*Please note that JPY100 is converted into USD1.00 as a sample case in this page.

Fast shipping even from Japan


NLS is the first and only one adult toy shop that introduced courie service shipment in Asia region.
And therefore NLS can offer the fastest shipment even from Japan.
You will be surprised to learn how fast you can receive goods from Japan.
It only takes 1 to 3 days after you place an order with NLS !!!

Please check how fast you can get toys from Japan by Delivery date calculator.
Warehouse for plenty of products

In addition to that , we have our own huge warehouse and have plenty of stock there So that ordered items can be shipped as soon as we receive orders from customers. For this reason there is no need for you to wait for restocking.

Warehouse # 1 # 2

Reasonable shipping method

NLS offers the most reasonable shipping method for customers who are eager to buy Japanese toys directly from Japan.
The shipping method is called e-Packet which is a new service offered by Japan post.
It takes 1 week to Asia / 10-14 days to North America & Europe to be delivered.
You will also receive a tracking number to check where your parcel is.
Please note that this shipping method is available up to 2000g.

【Order sample patterns 】
Order sample patterns

※You can always check weights for each item when you add items into the cart.

Pease click here for overall shipping cost.

Discreet Shipping

Discreet package

Your privacy is very importance to us and you can enjoy shopping in confidence by our discreet shipping. Your order is sent in a plain packaging . There is not way of telling what's inside the box.

Packing Packing plain box
Discreet shipping documents

There is no sign of "sex toys" at all on the shipping documents to respect our customers' privacy.
For EMS and e-Packet shipping service which are provided by Japan Post, the default item description is "Figurine" and you can choose among "Magazine" and "Stationery", and if you are not satisfied with those, you can request us some other item description as you like.
*Please note that we might use our default descption which is "Figurine" if we determine the item description you requested choosing "Other" is inappropriate for exporting. We appreciate your understanding..


e-Packet shipment in a plain box


EMS shipment in a plain box


DHL shipment in a plain box

For DHL shipping, unfortunately we cannot accept changing item description.
Below is a sample list how we use item descriptions on your shipping document.

Any rubber/silicone toys which are non-electric → "PVC figurine"
Any plastic toys → “Plastic toy”
Lubricants → "Lotion"
Any electric toys → "Electrical toy"
Inflatable dolls → "Float"

Discreet billing
Card statement

When you receive your credit card statement , it will be billed under the name of 24bmoons which is not recognized as adult toy shop. Of course our name NLS will not apprear anywhere on your statement.

No mail advertisements
We do not send any mail advertisements to your shipping address or your email address.


You have come to the right place to shop Japanese adult toys because we carry more than 10000 of them !!!
NLS is the full-line dealer for the most of the leading adult toy manufacturers in Japan.
Therefore you can shop almost all adult toys that are produced by Japanese companies at NLS site only.
We obtain toys in bulk from Japanese manufacturers directly to reduce procuring cost so that we can offer the best price to our valuable customers.
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