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Sex toys from Japan
Sex toys from Japan
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How to order
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Frequently Asked Questions


I have placed an order and made payment but want to change items, what should I do?
I found an item on other website that is not on NLS, can you backorder it for me?


When will my order ship?
How discreet is it?
How long does it take for delivery?
How much is shipping cost?
Can I get a tracking number?
I want you to ship my order as a gift so I don’t have to pay any taxes, is it possible?
I can’t find my country on the country list when checking out.
I want my order to be shipped to a third party, what should I do?
Does the shipping cost I paid include customs duties and any other taxes?
I want to use my PO BOX for shipping.


Can I pay by credit card?
How will the order show on my credit card statements?

Receiving Defectives/damaged goods

What if I received a defective?
What if I received a damaged package?

Customer information

Is my customer information secure?


I’m a retailer/reseller. Can you offer me wholesale?


1) Due to customs clearance, International orders may take up to 1-2 weeks for arrival depending on country.
2) All items sold herein are legal in Japan; however, certain countries have restrictions as to the use and or sale of sex toys.
3) We are not liable for any items that are seized or confiscated by any foreign government.
4) We are not liable for any tariffs, import duties or international taxes imposed outside Japan.
5) We are not responsible for lost packages.
6) We are not liable for products which have been damaged during delivery.
7) In some countries, the tracking system of Japan Post shipping (EMS/e-Packet/SAL) works in a "trial environment" or is "unavailable".
8) Concerning SAL shipping, if your order couldn't be delivered within the decided time limit of your country's postal service, it will be discarded by the postal service and we will not be liable for it.

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