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Sex toys from Japan
Sex toys from Japan
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How to order
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What is DHL ODD service?

DHL ODD (On Demand Delivery) makes your shipment much more convenient than ever!
You enter your phone number and email address when ordering on our website.
We use them to make this service available for the best quality of delivery!

You will get alert messages at the following timing:

1) When dispatched from the shipper’s country
2) When DHL is heading to your place for delivery
3) When something occurs during delivery

*Each notice contains information such as your tracking number, shipper’s name, delivery date and a link to the DHL ODD website.
*Usually DHL sends all the alert messages to your email address as it’s prior to your phone number however you might get SMS as well.

DHL ODD provides you the following options!

Customize Your Delivery

1) Schedule your delivery
You can select a new delivery date up to 7 calendar days from the originally scheduled date.
2) Signature release
You can authorize delivery without collecting a signature.
3) Leave with neighbor
You can instruct that the shipment is delivered to a nominated neighbor.
4) Collect from service point
You can have your shipment delivered to a nearby DHL service point.
5) Alternate address
You can request delivery to a different address.
6) Vacation hold
If on holiday, you may request delivery up to 30 calendar days from the originally scheduled date.

How does DHL ODD work?

How does DHL ODD work?

You can do all the arrangements to access via your smartphone, tablet and desktop!
This service is planned to be provided over 75 countries and over 50 local languages supported.
If you have any questions regarding DHL ODD please send your inquiry to!

Please download this PDF file to learn how to use the ODD.

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