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Sex toys from Japan
Sex toys from Japan
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Company Policy :  Safety and Trust , Proper price

What do you think about sex toys?

We suppose most people out there consider sex toys to be "something dirty" or "embarrassing" - but also a bit interesting in a way.

In Japanese history, sex has been a taboo subject for a long time but still if you look at the old pornographic paintings from the Edo-period, you can clearly see that Japanese people actually are very open minded about it.
The founder of NLS shares this thought on sex as well and has tried thousands of sex toys through the years, and consulted many customers about sex toys and which is "the best one", for that certain person. We think we can help you in the same way and hopefully you will explore new sides of yourself that you never thought you had.
With the correct knowledge and by knowing how to properly use sex toys, we are sure you will have a more fun and exciting life from now on!

Our mission

It has been over 10 years since NLS was established and we have obtained a reputation from many of our customers that NLS offers selected great sex toys at reasonable prices. Now our mission is to provide these toys to people outside of Japan as well, of course at reasonable prices - and in order to achieve this we have selected and prepared the best toys for you.
Now enjoy shopping with us and discover the greatness of Japanese sex toys!

1 Night Love Story

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