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Sex Toy NLS >> Be more feminine >> Choose by type >> Body care >> [NOP] Crossed Bra Supporter for U.F.O.
Sex Toy NLS >> Sexy Lingerie >> Lingerie >> Others >> [NOP] Crossed Bra Supporter for U.F.O.

[NOP] Crossed Bra Supporter for U.F.O.

[NOP] Crossed Bra Supporter for U.F.O.
Item code: 8527
"U.F.O." and "U.F.O. SA" are the only Nipple stimulators in the world.
And since its launch, it is [NOP] Special Supporter for UFO which applied the advantage of sports bra, which is about the same sales number as these two machines.

This is the second work of the big hit item.

The existing [NOP] Special Supporter for UFO naturally supported the "UFO series" bust cover even with some size differences due to outstanding stretchability covering all directions and three-dimensional sewing applied to the bust.

On the other hand, as the name of "Cross" suggests, this is a support design that is sewn so that the right and left cups intersect at the center.

Even the fabric itself is not stretchy like stocking, it is very ordinary cotton material so selecting the size is very important.

However, thanks to this cross sewing, the fixing force of the bust is higher than last time.


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