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Toy Bag

Toy Bag
Item code: 5122
A nonwoven fabric is used and it is the best storage bag for storage of the toy with high light blocking effect and air permeability. It is the optimum storage bag for storage of the toy with high light blocking effect and air permeability which have used the nonwoven fabric.

Small: Best for accessories, such as bullets and small lubricant, or small masturbators.

Medium: Best for vibrators and S-M sized masturbators.

Large: Because it is 30.0 cm in full length, almost all long things can be stored. Moreover, it is the best also for heavy and big masturbators.

Extra-large: Best for big dildos, and anal products for upper-class people.

*The colors may different from the images.


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2010.04.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought the biggest.Artificial vagina is a soft material to store and others are useful, I will adhere to avoid.And good ventilation, it is convenient.It is the best toy store in the bag to smooth powder dry cleaning wipe Onaho.
2010.04.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Seventeen have purchased before, but until now had been kept in a plastic bag if I was in the beginning, if you bought it forever look so bad.Would have very good ventilation to ensure that the opaque non-woven fabric used in Cairo as well as a written explanation.We have also purchased a medium size, even if they hide in the case where the size of the hole, just do not know what they contain and in the open.Next time when you buy a new hole I'm thinking of buying together.
2010.04.02 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Refreshing and can be stored.Shimai love it, and I together will not have to buy each size.I want you to come with a nameplate and can not be opened and contents verified and Chuck would have a safe place with a bag of the same size.
2010.02.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I purchased the first big (laughs) I feel good and keep it with two dildo.(For children) came from earlier this bag was placed in a box in the back of the closet I've reached into the bedroom closet ... as a commodity is breathable, There now also seems safe to collusion, even taking over the toys dry.I want to buy cheap and keep it handy (laughs).
2010.02.14 Which do not Cha.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I bought several times before.Cheap and even I can use to hide other toys soup course.I just fragile.I will continue to buy it cheap w.
2008.01.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought this big.How wet is okay, even slightly better ventilation.It is also stain-resistant and highly opaque toys And I think my favorite ones longevity.It is very convenient and you have some.
2008.01.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I use the lotion and put a set of Artificial vagina.Cleanliness in appearance, likely because the nonwoven fabric is also breathable, storage cases are washed up later.What should I buy I will continue to add so many sizes are available.
2008.01.27 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
When buying toys, I bought a container at the same time.Size was large, as long as first glance "You really get?" It felt like.In fact, however, the three rotors, one vibe, but I try to push the 24 species in condoms, in the last minute so that there is something big.Gently wrapped in a breathable feel well, and said sanitary passed both durability.(And keep the above fill in the actual volume, it's good to laugh, so stop the damage could take a toy or condom) is recommended if you have a toy, the number of minutes, one species contraceptives.I think at least two have convenient.If you can afford we have a large size.dRitai than fine, medium, and I think that is good considering the small size.I did not buy only one bag, we also plan to buy next time when you buy contraceptives.Here's an example and the reference level, rotor type: Up to two medium three species suggest that large size Onaho Vibe: 1 per bag.Medium-size and extra batteries recommended: Good to have if one of the small size reference.
2008.01.24 Squid whale.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is very useful! Until now, only because it was wrapped in towels to hide and conceal even say "I'm wrapping it what" makes you feel is suspicious Temashita and even suspicious at all If you put it aside as normal no.
2008.01.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This would be good.Since the mesh material also can be kept clean, toys, etc..In addition, you can choose according to their size the size of the toy, so I recommend an affordable price.Find more poorly on average 100 containers, it is far more better! .
2008.01.20 Candy.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Up to now had been kept in the toy box was packed.Kasabarimasu corruption or material is not.To carry the trash just as much as a towel or handkerchief wrapped DEMASHITA out of the box.All the problems have been resolved so far.I like it I'd need to open content Talking drawbacks.I want a slightly larger sized anymore.
2008.01.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
In and bought the large.Because the mesh is structured, very good breathability.I think the best save of the hole.
2008.01.19 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Until now, the store I bought it was very difficult To a trial.I did not expect much, really nice.To some extent, it prevents the external leakage of smell, even if it gets wet, a little bit of it yourself is not essential to the future item.
2008.01.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought a suit ... but the price, and try out, so good ventilation is also making a firm, I frequently use? Is not very Ii items.Previously, I used a bag of goods that were purchased at the average of 100 characters, it becomes open to child found ... panic!.That would give relief! I use a cleaning kit, and put accessories such as rotors.
2008.01.16 Tanpo this.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is essential to the toy store.I put such a large vibe.I would recommend good ventilation so.
2008.01.14 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is simple but nice bar none.Bag that came with the package of the hole-hole itself is weak, keep it, do not repeat the anxiety out here if there were robust and very anxious. It is also likely to be better ventilated.
2008.01.14 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
'm Using for storage.I can let air and keep it after washing, you can store it safely than normal bags.
2008.01.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Put it ideal for props or a hall or place.I have been using in the size of the hole I put just my size plus .I put two holes in it is tight.If you recommend a great size to put a lot of things in one bag.
2008.01.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is a "small", "medium" and bought.Is safe even if a little wet because it was something they'd breathable material.We recommend something like this means so very handy.
2008.01.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was in need of toys what Shimai place, because this bag in a good fashion sense, but does not look suspicious Keep the room.Now, it is already in the back of the closet Shimawazu sex toys.
2008.01.10 saeko.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I have purchased large and small.The fabric is thin, the problem is not strength.The case looks like a pen, like an adult is not good at all.Because the hotel is like being opaque, it is safe not even worry about the prying eyes and put my bag.The prices are very cheap, buy some loss but I think items.5 This is a satisfying one.
2008.01.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Look at all the toys into Guttsu.I bought a while, we recommend great.Not put in too much.It is a little big questionable.So cheap, I recommend buying incidentally.
2008.01.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Although I purchased a large "toy bag" is a curiously adult colorless products being sold as is.Likely toy bag and hopefully put grocery store.Adult single color of cameos."Toy bag" is just the bag that came with the pattern.I never thought anyone in the adult goods containing not do that.When not to use the toy, I think as a pencil can be benevolent or glove compartment.
2008.01.07 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought goods according to the purchase.Supaakumemakkusu that enters wholly as long.We see from the look and content, in keeping with the majestic is a great place w.
2008.01.07 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was in trouble in store for this product after product use are well satisfied with the size material.I think that we need a little larger size (like dynamite into the hip.)
2008.01.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
[In] toy bag is very convenient to have and love.Chuck is also blocked, and you do not dry well, then what do you Haitsu but surprisingly not visible from the outside.Because your privacy with their prices to try to buy back over? .
2007.12.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I bought two so far.If I have good size, more transparent allowing you the inside a little empty? I feel it.Problem because it does not save much Oh where is not visible.I think very good really starting to dust.
2007.12.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The bag had been substituted as 100 yen, but did not have a good thing.In, NLS in the hole left when you purchase, this item went to the eye.I did not ever have anything that special toy bag cheaper price, I bought it in trial.After storing the goods actually holes from the exterior ventilation is better in the Ranaku Takashi Katsu, a hole was so special cloth bags think surprisingly good sound.However, since storage is not only skin-safe system holes, and might be better to wrap it in plastic when you store the other halls were sticky.
2007.12.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Artificial vagina is a good guy who bought a better toy bag must be purchased together (^^@) think it is important to use a toy store long way.It is recommended for people who care about living in what seemed to have no hesitation because I also breathable and ww::.
2007.12.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
When hiding a toy, but place it about sight, this bag is also a perfect camouflage when found.We also choose the size, according to toys to choose.Moreover, the sanitary protection means, I think I prefer.The next time I buy.
2007.12.27 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
So far, so I bought extra care not about the price I bought it in passing to buy goods store is now so cheap and convenient store had a towel wrapped favorite costume in the case Vibe is also active in the purchase and the next rotor to put condom put into vibes and lotion dispenser is good because it is hard to trace fiber non-garbage we will set I'm going to buy.
2007.12.25 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The feeling I used to buy in size, but I do not think is particularly inconvenient.But I want to put it together and Pepe Seventeen holes in this product is tough and you have emergency Chott.The same kind of thinking, thinking about how to buy more in the large size is recommended.
2007.12.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
And love is.What size is a bit unsatisfactory that it is cheap and good? It is best if there is a little larger in size.
2007.12.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Large, medium, small and bought.Buritisshurota are using and put a big Supaakumemakkusu.I think that bag is something you can substitute any number, so annoying to go to buy, buy when it's convenient NLS says.^ ^ It is good business.
2007.12.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Because the mesh is structured, very good breathability.You can store clean and does not adhere to the fiber holes in the toy because it uses a non @z.Recommended for those in need in places such as storage halls.
2007.12.12 Tits glasses.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
It is reassuring that this is just fine.I found out and so are quite likely shapes and colors everywhere ....This may be because it may be likely Kodawaranaku substitute just anywhere.
2007.12.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I recommend it.Apart from translation, not only what sex toys are commonly recommended as a container.They have small, medium and large this is buy a large Dae seemed to be out of stock.But even the next big buy.In short, the container is not available to the public this price for this size format.She took a variety of small to large bags, easy to understand and to classify a bag you put this out easily.Maranai code, less the small loss.This is the first significant storage expertise.
2007.12.01 Little.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
We have purchased a medium size.It is very user-friendly size.Buritisshurota S 4, I guess someone look into the size 5 (Mata, even when it is safe to carry so sturdy for the price well ventilated.It now also seems to increase things, next time I would like to purchase a large size.
2007.11.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I have pretty good experience to have enough to buy one of the first store I bought.For sheer color will certainly not transparent, are exposed to so handy and save you and say rap.Who have a problem with storage because not too high I think prices are recommended.
2007.11.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Three medium, large and small, I bought some.Vibes ever case, case Hall had kept the purchase of a box left, and take so much space when not in use was quite an obstacle.Then I clean the toys are packed in cardboard boxes piled high! Thanks Kimashita lost half of the cardboard box.Buy now will be to buy a toy in passing.
2007.11.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The price is cheap, so I recommend it very easy to use.There is also that the non-woven fabric, I felt okay and then just put disinfectant spray.The dust also gated, but I quickly retrieved a plastic bag as well, unlike eject.Also, and Kasabarimasu boxes containing toys and I think in terms of saving space and put it fairly.I think they can buy alone, I hope to buy other items when you buy a suit.
2007.11.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Since it uses a non @z, fiber does not adhere to the toys, clean Temasu.It has been meshed for good ventilation, it is also helpful to save after cleaning.Someone else has written well, the adjustment amount is a perfect product to buy E E E too carelessly, if I have no sense ^ ^;.
2007.11.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Artificial vagina and to put (out), I tried to buy.The fabric feels quite light, show through and look pretty put Artificial vagina.So -1 point.Yet, rather than directly to Artificial vagina was better left much.The price is cheaper, buying sheets of adjusting the amount of one million yen in total when I bought a little more, many other items, maybe because Ali.
2007.11.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Good ventilation, storage and management that each separate goods according to the size of the bag, I hardly even without product deterioration can cause their shape.It is also reasonable price, I bought a size 05 to fit the goods.
2007.11.16 [ Audio warheads.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I wait for this product.So far I've had came in the original box after use, I really bulky.This product is a toy but does not go well into the commercial fabric case sensitive, so easily is really useful! It does not take space, toys and so know it looks very useful not only to mobile storage.It's a necessity! .
2007.11.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Temashita need to store the toys after use.I immediately bought a bag because there was a perfect toy products.This is a good product.It is good that it can be stored easily in and out with other toys.Permeability of course it can be safe in terms of good health.The other shop is valuable because those are not selling it.
2007.11.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This product is highly recommended that.I bought so many things to organize trouble anyway.Prominent appearance, which I carry around and when trouble vibe.In particular, those halls are embarrassed that you can put directly Hittsui.Dekina is unlikely to expect from a cheap price, he makes it big.Into the firm, has made a fine save hygienic.So cheap, you get worried I will try to do what is more than one purchase.
2007.11.09 Marron.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Toy Bag (M) would also fall into this category pretty big hole in the hand would get in trouble if the bag size hole @ Hand also purchased the general store building can also fit 15, the price The firm has been fairly quite (sometimes, when there is lack of movement of the zipper), so prices are reasonable, I will buy when they buy a hole once again.
2007.11.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
A toy store vibrator is particularly useful.I think it necessary for women to worry about hygiene.Please buy the toy when I bought it rather cheap.
2007.11.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Recently, I began a lot of toys, tough, and convenient to use.Big Medium Small and I bought one at a time.Great vibes.The hole in the panties and handcuffs.Such as condoms and small rotors.Are stored according to size.It's good that I can not see inside.Each time, date and time she has this toy bag.
2007.11.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was suffering from the vibe of saving is fixed with this item.Also neutral and dust material, so I think I can keep clean and breathable.If you might want a small-sized Orugasuta.I bought a while without checking the size too big.For reference.Recommended prices are so affordable! .
2007.11.01 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought a large size.Very useful for organizing toys.Cheap, sanitary, convenient and is recommended! ! .
2007.10.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
But now I was looking for something with a decent size so far is 100 yen shops in this bag.Hall and vibes, and no discoloration or wire that is involved in heat and humidity it down to keep their individual've rotor.It is also good for a low price.
2007.10.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
For goods purchased have been more organized.So far they have kept in a box when you purchased, I was in the pouch and stay on Hakin case take time out, can be left if it so easy even taking out, when you go out immediately think of the idea of taking out more, , I am going to have a date next time.
2007.10.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It's really convenient because I'm living with my family.I can not see inside, I know good and hygienic what at first sight.
2007.10.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It was hard to put in a box because the rubber was back in the box when I bought a vibrator and the rotor used.I feel touched and purchased a small bag of toys in time we have been murmuring soft and well, will now also buy equipment and store it makes it easy for families who can not see that from the outside bon app?tit will be purchased along with it.
2007.10.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★
This is great! Artificial vagina after using so far, I've had the original box, so I doubt poor ventilation hygiene, I thought.Us products that solve the problem, however.The price is cheaper, so can not see inside, and very handy.
2007.10.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Usually, a toy store was a small plastic bag, but their experience just broken, I bought.Large 7 much hustle into the vibe perfectly, it also disappeared inside, and handy to store toys.For the rotor, this time I'll buy a smaller size.
2007.10.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I tried to buy the other goods incidentally it cheap, it is convenient.I can not see inside, "found a family" and is also the measures, large and small in size so, should I buy a good size, because the point.If this price, I do not think a good buy other things incidentally.Without the use of goods for storage, and can be used as a normal bag.
2007.10.19 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is VERY useful! ! It also is safe and sanitary Mamoru from dirt, if you have a family if you think you are not nice to have some first sight.
2007.10.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Even in the very soft material, RitKimasen all.And this price ... I do not like with the complaint.Awesome.Since we do not buy only one, that is up to wish I'd go ahead and buy more.If possible, "Extra" and I'll also give you something nice size.
2007.10.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I put a hole Nana EX only.Nana is the only hole slightly larger than the hole that contains the other, I guess.How good can afford just a little.In this size, I thought suitable size to contain the most various holes.I have this bag was wrapped in transparent plastic attached to the hole once the purchase.The bizarre appearance is good.
2007.10.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
This product is a good buy.I bought my first large, a good first point I think most items into it.I can just carry it around without worrying too much! Some bad points.Want to go put the dignity of Fine Instruments and thought I put a little hard when I get into.It is all.It is much to complain, but this is the performance at this price.
2007.09.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
My bag was a good feeling after use w hole, but again I was when I bought a box of washing water to clean, it is hard to take on the anxious eyes around, very good storage method was not.But this toy bag, the (large) 500ml of Peperoshon If you enter two holes and the bottle is not impossible, but before portability family favorite toy is easy to remove.I think I can buy some to keep it reasonable price? .
2007.09.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★
Until now I was put in black plastic bags, how unsanitary "- I thought I bought.Cheap and very useful! Plastic bag that "leathery" and the sound will be, it can be quiet and out of it.Has a lot of people think they can buy toys for all sizes.
2007.09.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Toys and portable hole is a perfect storage bags.Unnoticed even portable use in the bath, even beyond her family to carry on and cleaning, we are very useful.And can be stored safely for that also supports storage and transformation.Pricing and availability are cheaper, and also supports large, we have to save each purchase.
2007.09.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
She likes to play with the SM will require a variety of tools.Until now I was in the back, put it in properly, you can clean and organize toys after purchasing a bag, now carry around a variety of things than ever before.Affordable prices so if you have a new dirt Dari damaged, then keeps a clean store at any time.
2007.09.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Did we have such a thing might be your own, always holes after washing, and points to cut cardboard wrapped in a newspaper lightly with water, and wrapped and put into plastic bags and storing I was having trouble.After seeing this product, worries are needless! Thanks to nice we can keep clean.I just look at a bag, the toy store has excellent ventilation is the best I think.There are several sizes, so I can buy affordable cheap! .
2007.09.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Shimai've been in a drawer in contact with other vibes Gerutomabaibu favorite wife recently a few days later, wanted to use, I've had melted.The favorite seems to have been quite shocked by vibes, good storage method is not something Lac? I answered, and I think if there's anything, there was this item.As good ventilation and secure, well kept Lac, and inexpensively, and glance into a toy that is sure to satisfy.
2007.09.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Many of the toys were purchased here, I had trouble buying the store.Each large middle small I bought a couple each containing a test.This product is a nonwoven fabric is made from the dust while the firm will protect, not bad ventilation.Even after I washed Onaho storage (small size).Orugasuta is a small or normal, BIG people in the store.Since each space left over, you can fold it in your lotions and condoms together.Poruchiorasshu and Peperoshon and what size bags are great too.I put a toy in the bag until it is opaque bags were all one, since it got a very useful Could rose from FiringSquad.If you suffer with similar problems is to buy just one item.
2007.09.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
Be made casually and not carry something unnatural secret, helpful.I have a big bag and a little more convenient? .
2007.09.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I still keep it the way I suffer from a toy.Was one that I have a problem.Is the best I could narrow the gap, such as a drawer in my room because Bailey never lived in a family home, a place where I would often accumulate dust.The box remains in first place because I was entering the store into a Ziploc Ziploc colorless and so found, however, will beKena not convinced that the air (laughs) so worry This toy bag is solved us! The only problem is deposited by toys and more likely to look with confidence and strength in a thin opaque bags comparatively large size, is difficult because little pasty chuck for large dildo Tamatama Michinoku ~ money. is otherwise okay.
2007.09.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was waiting for this bag.I previously had plastic bag with a zipper toys, put Shimai Do not use dry well after washing, were unhygienic.But this bag is well ventilated, so another is not something in Hittsui is also very good.Just choose the size of three different sizes there is also very stylish design.Moreover, this price would be satisfied.What users really want, I impressed with the product we are developing a user-friendly.And other adult shop where it is different from NLS's reliable.
2007.09.15 Erotsu child.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
If you have a smooth skin is, good toys and BetatKazu.Through the air, while not visible.And RitKanai toys.With a single toy, a bag if it is convenient.
2007.09.11 Dive.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Buritisshurota S, Orugasuta, I Biginaanaru, two Furiuossha is not intended for this small size was OK.It's that good ventilation is a nonwoven fabric is GOOD.There are some faulty zipper.Well, forgive the price so low.Hope I am as there are several different color so distinguishable in the same size.
2007.09.07 Hunter seven tablets.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is useful.Vibe and until now I had kept the purchase of the boxes were bulky and inconvenient to have to walk really.I bought a great place to try here, but the vibe can store two light has also come in handy as easy to retrieve.Vibe boxes tend to be see-through, but now I feel empty when obfuscating look at storage and portability, but that plane is safe.What level of durability problems would be treated roughly.Is good value for money.We would like to order one or two next time.
2007.09.06 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Toy storage is surprisingly difficult, original box (bag) into the cardboard box and put in storage due to their originality good electrical functions, most commonly used ones to get first-hand, compact storage is.This "toy bag" is a compact storage purposes is quite good for low prices, big anyway and just serve a small (large) I bought five.Containing materials are identified in the zipper of a different color "ribbon" attached to, and touch judge from outside the bag.As you enter more than one small convenience goods is by purpose (medium) (small) bag is expected to make additional purchases to store compact more efficiently so each a different color.
2007.09.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I have previously Temashita hundred bags I bought into Collet average.The rotor and the vibe was in need of storage method, but I can keep it together the largest size.You can not look suspicious carrying bags just so.Tame Naka to play the water was wet I had accidentally wet bag.It makes opening and closing smoothly cheap If you have a good chuck.I think you should treat it roughly Yohodo defeat.There is a happy little design.
2007.09.01 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
As the rotor and storage bags with toys goods (large) was purchased.I really do not know that if you add things from the outside in, and can come in handy camouflage.Than anything, it is good that low price.I purchased with goods.We recommend to buy several of each type of goods can store.
2007.08.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Fun Gifts for bits and pieces (medium) size is used.Has come in handy to carry but does not feel unnatural in the bag.Smart casual use even when I use eject.I use it everyday because it doubles as camouflage Affordable prices (^ ^ the time.
2007.08.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I'm using two handy for the larger size.I will put it out in a great easy it easy Keep it.Room area and water use (wash), so I now conveniently carry away.
2007.08.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Size was perfect for the hidden toy.The lotion is just very big into vibes and rotor 2.And each box.Experience is not bad and, above all cheaper.One loss does not think there is.
2007.08.25 U Yu.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
The impression is great big toy small and fragile I guess I have a zipper storage only and not the rotor.The toy store is probably good.
2007.08.22 noa.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I bought a big bag.Until now, the toys I had put something plastic, breathable gas is purchased.It has good ventilation to keep making cheap price, so I think their prices for .But functionally me and I go beyond price.
2007.08.16 aozora.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
And do whatever I have another toy sack, I see a big bag or what.I have good material, and you happen to Chuck when it closes because the sewing thread is sweet.(There is no life that will be closing.) And prices go down like the price though, so will see tolerated acceptable.Big bag, so pretty big, and I just put a good or a large toy.Overall the "toy bag are put at a lower cost," I think that it is better.
2007.08.03 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
To buy this bag was still wrapped in tissue paper bag and store toys.'ve Had to retrieve it at the Izatsu lingering, if properly stored also made this bag, easy to remove so I appreciate your help! .
2007.07.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I was a little better with this purchase I had this trouble before the adult toy store locations.I purchased a medium size and large size, the size is bigger than I thought.Now, I want small size.
2007.07.04 Water Dragon.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
I purchased a medium size and large size, material and sewing for money is pretty good.No affordable bags, 100%, but had its own cotton bag purse, if this size and price, will no doubt better choice here.However, the inner sewing and I think is reasonably good, they can fly a little sewing thread, sewing the first seam end Chuck "returns" as sweet impression.So far no problems and is, above all here, "review" might be too harsh (laughs) I could type from the porch, next cylindrical type (shaped like a bottle) and If Tere strength, even in this type handle attached to the cube, it is able to demonstrate the power and storage buildings.Manager says, what do? .
2007.06.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
After use, it is useful if in fact there have been no trouble had put the place closed.Affordable.If the hole is 2 big bag looks like it.Although large and small, will be the best combination storage.
2007.06.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: (Buyer)
I've been in trouble long before the sack goods, to find this item "and cheap, just good?" I thought I bought.Chuck can always be engaged from the start, but broken in about a week and was making bad.But only two did not buy it, I feel that there is generally difficult and durability.Would have been better if it looked at 100 yen shops.
2007.06.22 syokora husband's.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was a little better with this purchase I had this trouble before the adult toy store locations.Simple and easy to use product Pokunaku I look and adult.We recommend you enter anything much I bought their large middle small.You can put those in the room with a big toy bag not much larger ones are placed in several Arab and Acme Poruchio rotor and also Minibaibu.If you have a toy and more people are thinking about hygiene and to advance item.
2007.06.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought a big smaller, is like two holes put a limit.I was able to secure the material certainly is light and breathable, but it's cheap, but I think a good product.This is my best little buy.
2007.06.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I have purchased, together with other items.At a regular bag as seen in the photos, the contents remain unknown, well, "Camouflage" can.Himself, but uses a large bag into the hole, but put together lotion OK, so we're pleased.Place where, and who will need help with your purchase, you please! .


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