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Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by type >> Electric masturbator >> USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by structure >> Straight >> USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Choose by structure >> Special >> USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl
Sex Toy NLS >> Male masturbator >> Hentai Anime package special topic >> USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl

USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl

USB Ona Hole & 3D Custom Girl
Item code: 7120
Girl moves according to the movement of your own!
Is the era of virtual sex!

"3D Custom Girl" PC adult games that are released from Tech Arts in 2008. You can customize the color and shape my own hair and skin, eye, the various parts was not until now can create an adult game of their favorite girl.
Three years later in 2011. To enable integration with private Onahole finally, it was re-appeared significantly improve the reality of the game is the "3D Custom Girl and USB Onahole" this work.

USB Onahoru called "Onakon" This is the concept of moving the character in the screen according to the movement of their own.
Item like a dream girl motion that the reaction in conjunction with men in the screen when you stroke the Onahoru, that you have created yourself.
There is a switch called "ejaculation button" to Onakon further, the game will launch yourself in the press it to the girl. It can be synced up to the moment of ejaculation, Le Nomerikome the game thoroughly, is very interactive specification.
How to play is easy. Installed on the PC the game, only discourage the USB of Onakon. Us for the PC side automatically recognizes only this, tedious tasks such as installation of the driver is not.
Level that can be manipulated intuitively customize your character. Immediately know how to hand if you have to experience the character make-up of video games, you can play even without reading the manual.
Moreover, I think this work is so very simple operability who have never even played in the game, especially if it is possible without worrying about.
If you play in this game, some specs will be required on the PC. Precautions If you are concerned about, please try the trial version for purchase from Tech Arts HP well in the corresponding specification in the recommended operating environment, below.

Masturbator is a low-stimulation that comes with resin material is soft, internal structure, so there are only faintly ribs. However, to die of 3D fun with girls, you will stimulate just the right level.
In addition, because Onakon can be removed only the material of the inner resin, can also be washable after use, ease of maintenance is quite excellent.


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2014.12.12 Heretic's comments    Rate: ★★★★
Lots of fun!
I think consumers should buy more products like this so more of this kind of technology is developed.

I really enjoy this game and I wish I would have bought the Ju-C Air before it was discontinued.

I don't understand why products like this are not more popular. This is great.

1) I wish there were a wider variety of inserts for the device. This one is good it's just the same every time.

2)I broke a piece off of the device my first day so it wouldn't close properly and I had to get creative to fix it.

3)It took me all day to get the japanese software working in the full glory it was meant for.

Tips: I had to downgrade from directX11 to directX 9.0c.
You will find most of the information you need on hongfire but you should know you already have the full XP5 version, you don't need to upgrade the software. All you need is the uncensored mod and you're good to go.

1)The thing is there are thousands of people who play the free downloadable version of this game without the onacon (why??) so there is a huge support community.

2)There are dozens of gigabytes of literally thousands of game mods out there if you look for them, some naughtier than others.

3) I understand the onacon should work for the newer, better game, 3D custom girl EVOLUTION. I haven't tried it yet.

4 stars because it could be better, but it's the best thing like it you can get. BUY IT!!!


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