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Sex Toy NLS >> Stimulating items >> Nipple massager >> [NOP] Finger Bean Rotor
Sex Toy NLS >> Stimulating items >> Clitoris massager >> [NOP] Finger Bean Rotor
Sex Toy NLS >> Mini Vibrators >> Choose by shape >> Wearable >> [NOP] Finger Bean Rotor

[NOP] Finger Bean Rotor

[NOP] Finger Bean Rotor
Item code: 5470
(NOP) = NLS Original Product

Even more than in a super-cheap, this ring really useful.The powerful vibrations from the body can not imagine this small, brings Uttori stimulation.Because it is not made aware of items such as Acme Pinkurota reach, after all, is the area is located in Foreplay level, not only the location and portability, you can use natural secretly hidden in a finger from enabling wide use.One of the selling and no sound is almost silent, toys and more acceptable I do not hate women, such as a mechanical extension of the fingers, which is recommended as the ultimate weapon daddy mode.


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2010.04.25 Large poor.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Simple and inexpensive ultra-small.Coupled with a large pill shaped like capsules, the secret weapon used by the spy Omomuki.Anyone who may be resolved as a child made a plastic model.I tried to disassemble.Good design is useless without a big enough smile to a combination of micro motors and button batteries.Structurally, it's possible to have the battery replaced, if found by searching the net change of batteries, and buy a new rotor also reported to have said beans from the ease of money to get the battery replacedWarimasen much.Disposable People might hate you a good challenge.I think I'll make a model of what a small car with a tiny motor.(While I'm drawing a sketch design) is just a sex toy.This cafe toilet three, fixed to the penis in the taping and enjoyed watching the beautiful waitress at the counter drinking coffee.(It is perfectly hidden in trousers) is another 5 If the design standard and battery replacement.
2010.04.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
He makes a small but good job.Became a favorite item of surprise helped.Did not get used as convenient switch problem.
2010.04.06 s.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
I feel that I can apply things that I have an impression that some finger tight belts do not have to feel pretty rough, so fine-grained vibration.
2010.04.02 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I do not expect much less buy (for cheap prices) arrived I was amazed to look.The cozy vibrations will be fitting to your fingers! Christo and beyond the nipple is deep.
2010.03.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is an amazing ww was unimaginable! (And more expensive at first, but I did not expect so muchEEE), I think there were a considerable effect on pro-woman chestnut.To be unobtrusive, so fitting in a finger, IKimasu I get the freedom of one's hands and playing with her for a total of three to buy for a chestnut and both nipples are fun to watch the reaction (laughs).
2010.03.19 Okay.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Even before buying useless just look at cheaper prices, but I thought, I will be able to work somewhat well.The main attack to the nipple on it very useful.I should have bought two are not the only one.
2010.03.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is best to first than anything too cheap.Is a weak stimulus than normal rotor, which is interesting.I like normal rotors and can also stimulate different.Can you adjust the balance and the sense I use disposable pounding! .
2010.03.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I think the best value for money.Whether you are new to the rotor so small, I can use without resistance.To blame the clitoris is so little at the best vibrations.
2010.03.04 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Oscillation is in its own way.Switch click feeling better, but did not have little cheesiness.This is so even that is unlikely to find yourself out of batteries if the battery is discharged to the nature of this switch.If this price so low, I thought it was more efficient to purchase a brand new replacement battery will buy.To tell the desire, I wanted to put leash strap hole.
2010.03.01 Erotic King.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I thought the beans rotor fingers and not enough on price, I decided to try to attack her fingers fit into all well buy an additional 10 by the vibration of her going to be pleasant Try Toi .
2010.02.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought it without hesitation cheap-fun than anything.Ring finger and middle finger on his large nipples and I pick the chestnuts in stimulating people from entering the tip of the index finger, the feeling is undeniably a bit hard to use.The vibration is moderate, I was feeling itchy and my fingers long time.Motivate them to gradually twists give this before I believe in me a bed.And cheap! .
2010.02.20 Dali.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Product size, purpose and use is a favorite dish.I have fun.Unfortunately there was a defect.It is so cheap and I have our pity because it was reduced to one .It's also a good product.
2010.02.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
This is great for small power! ! I can easily hide and is cheaper than anything out, no point in doing well played.
2010.02.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
More than anything will cost first.This is not a disposable and quality at this price, however, complain and complain about not think so (laughs) is comfortable to use.Very handy to blame it on the movement of one's own unique points.Do not be so inconvenient to carry a compact, I can use anywhere.
2010.02.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
~ Weakening vibration is normal.To be satisfied that this is not really one moment, been less tired at the hands of the item so have a finger pressed into shape and enjoy the sense of fun.You may want to use at the beginning of the trick play was feeling good atmosphere.
2010.02.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
I used it immediately received.My fingers are tough little smaller, had managed to get around.You will feel less about power than standard rotors.I thought that was handy with a good review because I thought a little lack of stimulation.
2010.02.07 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I did not expect at all like a joke to be honest pricing.It is powerful than I thought.Rotor power as compared to normal size is less of bother, you only get the pleasure of full power.The clitoris and nipples are ideal for aggressive, so compact, also takes place.Even the luggage you can take that road.Only thing is far from things to use are limited, cost is the highest.You are unexpectedly good shopping.
2010.02.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is cheap and affordable prices of goods.Temashita The partners feel well, I felt privately want a longer and slightly larger rotors Temashi feel underpowered.
2010.02.04 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Give him to put the other finger when inserted, I was feeling myself focuses on chestnut.It's handy, I'd really like.
2010.01.31 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Or vibration is a good size but given the weak? May become aggressive or varied with the penis or clitoris with two fingers to the material you have more soft and stretchy, I wish I can wear is limited finger firmly attached to the finger holder? This is why the four stars.
2010.01.22 kaz.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I feel like the cute exterior package of condoms (laughs).It is the huge rotorEEEand Vibe to the use of normal size or if you are not familiar with or do not like a little toy system and I think good.I get excited a curiosity because it is also smaller, just say no because of missing or at worst, the tool will only lift the caress of their rigidity.
2010.01.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Small and always carry the nipple, the clitoris is an intensive attack they have not lost.Conversely, other women, some feel is the best part of my attack.
2010.01.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
State as seen in other very small.It has a neat user-friendly switches But is very good too.It very useful when they blame the person with complete with rubber fingers for! .
2010.01.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The split size is power.I felt good to be able to pinpoint attack.Removed by rubber parts so, that you feel uncomfortable with the fingers may be put to use but I've been off.May be a variety of ways to enjoy and with the two or more fingers to buy? Low price above all.If you are interested to buy a little loss but I think the dish is not.
2009.12.31 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Tamer Katteri Souchaku to Yubi Youkousagasutemamoirazu can be, and it did not Manzoku not so.
2009.12.28 User Interface disgust.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
After all, she is accustomed to high power it is underpowered.So if enough people like the first Kawaiisaizu, I is that I can introduce it without fear.
2009.12.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was surprised more than a vibration.Perfect products and better communication tool than using the toy and joke seriously.
2009.11.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
While most will be surprised and secretly use this price and size more than anything, I was feeling good.Pinpoint when the attack is probably good.
2009.11.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
You can depart is much easier to help me when I caress your finger fairly cheap and convenient (*^^) v.
2009.10.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
Perhaps I'm not familiar with, Tsukaemasen very well.Compared to other vibration Yowaku Minirota still, you'd disposable and used as basic as those described on other reviews.Vibration but also on the strength of battery power will weaken more I use it more and more vibration.The natural discharge which possess strong, the strength of the vibration to a fine line whether you use a month Oke keep soaking, even if only one had fallen.Within half a month since I bought it used up 3-4 in the meaning and feel without the waste.However, the test piece and try to buy cost price anyway, t think so and there is no hindrance at all.
2009.10.23 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
Is feeling, how I attack on the type, give it a bit strange because you can use the finger.
2009.10.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I put all my fingers so cheap.Can be a delicate touch.The price comparatively good job.Off the rubber wears off indeed repeated, low price, so I have no choice.May I offer a much cheaper, so spare.Is recommended.
2009.10.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
C ? little frustrated due to lack of power than we thought.I say this because something I have an affordable price.I think if we have more good vibrations to the finger is touching.The rotor can be used to remove the other rotor.
2009.09.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
It's like a toss-up.She does not use a tool, not masturbation, it was that little tickle people.Tool use and again, as a woman alone if there is some effect? Bon app?tit say that will be half and half with 3 ‚ that.
2009.09.20 Corey.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The low prices anyway Try to say the least I think it is perfect.The small operation sound (which is modest stimulation) in a closed room full of usable, net cafes where blame does not even use.I work a few hours of non-disposable items, so that battery replacement, I never seen from high prices.
2009.09.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I often drive used in small and easy to use.... And bring the Segama drive every little sweat fairly vibrated strongly.Please take power from developing Minibaibu Shugaretto car batteries so that so no longer.(Laughs) But I Avoid driving.Thank you to the full operation.It's stimulus for chestnut.
2009.09.09 Jars.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I probably will not for beginners because of a weak little power, and women like soft touch, a man Metai slowly over time, I think an interesting item? You might want your finger technique to help ~! .
2009.09.02 ? Crow?'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Compared to the general stimulation rotor weak but very small, because the nipple or tied to their small size, and usage is different Dari pulls the pants.Small, so I think playing well enough to enjoy outdoor product's grooming.Is disposable, but I enjoy it and buy some cheap prices.
2009.08.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I used to toy beginner child.I thought a little underpowered, seems good for beginners.Recommended as an entrance to a toy.
2009.08.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The point is not so appealing, I think the minimum diameter products.Common button battery (LR44 or) is about the same diameter.Because of this small, even if the other party the burden of entering into the condom will be less anal.I think it's good for beginners in anal.AG5 button cell inside a very small thing that was also included.Seems to be hard to get, is likely to be disposable.
2009.08.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Small but nipple stimulation has little power and is quite small and cute Loans, so be really good! The feeling that, since a slim hope you will use (laughs).
2009.08.05 Ero.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Is a subtle power was given to a passing grade in terms of cost.I Fingateku Haari to make the usual arrangements.
2009.07.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The price means it may think this a bit irritating if I have the ingenuity to use in a variety of low price is a luxury I ~ 5 w pieces.
2009.07.28 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This can be used.Not so intense stimulation, and I think you just teasing.I also feel like around the nipples after.So even if you do not mind price disposable, I'd like to order again.
2009.07.27 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
+ Small but powerful usual rut in feeling might want to couple .
2009.07.09 T Moe-tan.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The first challenge is a toy, and so I think that bargain than I had imagined it to power even the cheaper price and quiet! What to buy and live in a loud home! It is also recommended to the One.I certainly hear the sound MeTtara door.But I have a large ring, could not be fitting to use my finger ... I think it is individual variation, but still nice ring stretch things a little small right?
2009.07.03 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I tried to use a partner.Criticism from the size it was before did not come you can not imagine more powerful.To motivate them, but I think enough.I can not replace the battery again and I should have bought a few pieces.
2009.06.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
We know this is revolutionary rotor (^ O ^ for a very small body vibration is satisfactory ( ) Also this price! Yoroshikatta so.
2009.06.18 hiro.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The price is cheaper, I bought her as a tool to attack the nipple.Oral,, when she caressed the nipple, and so Yogaru type.When I felt I got it as usual Cunnilingus, merge and apply lotion to the fingers, nipples, and fix up these rotors on the side of the nipple, cum smash me.After some rest, Ategai to Clear the rotor pointing a finger your privacy with caressing gently the vagina with the fingers of one hand, me cum again.Think goods good cost performance.Make squid alone This, may difficult, seems good used technique composite.Because unable battery replacement, 2 ~ think had better bulk buying three.
2009.05.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
There are also slightly cheaper than this in the rotor can also replace the battery from Lac making simple but good and an okay from vibration and prices, hand out some hard (get watched?) May be the product.
2009.05.19 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I ordered the price match.I did not expect it so inexpensive, I tried to use immediately after receiving the goods.Surprised when I used them! First quiet sound.~ Not so unique Uiii rotor machine called the sound icon.So quiet that even a small vibration minute, I thought it was fitting to caress the nipple.Criticism is one thing, but it may be difficult kore, I feel I can use to plus more.
2009.05.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It costs less, do not expect much I bought two.Try it, surprise! ! If you have a good package as well, easy to use, has long-lasting battery than it sounds.During the drive I used to put her fingers touching the front passenger seat, but, she switched Shimai also included, can be felt quite serious now.At that price, I think is worth to try to use all means.The small packages, and to use ChiKemasu always put in the bag, it is also floating the idea of how many.Word of mouth as I write this, I decided to purchase I also added eight.
2009.05.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Christo and so much vibration is not strong, will modestly stimulate the nipples.Yes you can attack or even put muscle behind the penis in the ring if there is more elastic.Battery toys fun enough, I think there is a divisible good.It is recommended for bulk buying price is low.
2009.05.05 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought two to try and make purchases at lower prices.Used more than expected! ! Pinpoint where to attack each other's sweet wife and I have one at a time.Once again able to comfortably feel the rotor too.
2009.05.04 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
And low prices at Hatena? Originally I felt very strong stimulus so I hear that I immediately wanted to partner with so you do not like, the next minute vibration is so irresistible that I think this is a lot IMou.
2009.04.23 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
First, the price is good.Were regrettable but it is not disposable to think they can keep buying all at once.The accusing finger is attached to the course, I think even when convenient and masturbation by women.I wholly buried around and hit the chestnut meat, giving up is possible.When you stimulate the prostate inexperienced person, would not it be nice to hit you around a support.I use it a lot.
2009.04.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
Beans rotor fingers are tiny vibe can be used while hand caressing fingers Saddle, less stable because of the narrow band.Reviews more reasonable price, but could do so in a small vibrator was the best Uisupaparetto tiny vibration.I regret why did they turn to stop release.Focuses on female clitoris blow up steam, so the vibe is so far No, no, I want you to come resale.
2009.04.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is fair Yoirashii stimulation.I can handle small.I sound small.
2009.04.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Goods as soon as I enjoy the idea is very simple product.I buy several cheap.I bought three.I used to say, and how little by a single adhesive bandage pasted in both her nipples were first detained.While both hands can concentrate on attacking the nipple with aggressive local vibe and free to use it.Two and three when it wraps around the cap also Chestnut me feel more than I expected them to direct smb. Clitoris sucking.148 yen is a potential single product seems great.
2009.04.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Good vibrations and strong but a little more than the price makes it work.Come shopping incidentally is recommended.It is also a soft rubber material, there is no pain, a little smaller ring, and I may expand or contract.
2009.04.12 Erotic King.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
When a woman is too weak to strong irritation in some fair, I think I give good stimulation gradually weakened.Looks like a bad rotor or goods will normally invite an introduction to women too painful, so it Chitchaku cute.However, vibration is weak, and used in conjunction with the clip clitoris Marron, considerable work and partners were pleased.Depending on how you can enjoy a fraud (laughs).
2009.04.11 Tanpo this.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Cheap! Soreto very quiet sound.I'd like a delicate vibration.To cover the nipples and anus and feels I have a few more vibrations size.It is good to have a ring.I try to stock up now so cheap.
2009.04.01 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The original shopping "passing" as I bought.I'd really small, the division that makes the good work.Drawback is the battery toys, cheap prices, and supplies products and compelling reasons.I personally recommend.
2009.03.31 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
I bought it from the simple fun of the price.I think the price performance of the street.Even minor vibrations you feel that this may be good, who is Not really hard to recommend products.The product is strictly considered the situation a bit wary about the situation and points out that exit from the product into the vagina and finger cots, a reasonable goal would be used as an adjunct to caressing.But people indulge in sex and may be slow to lead us to feel good and constant vibration and sound incorporated into their menus.
2009.03.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Previously, it was purchased Baiburingu There was a was a small dwarf interested in vibes.And there, this product! ! To put a finger to write with you could also use the remove, and then to 100 yen is a well-made goods.However, the battery life very quickly, I think Gil is treated as consumables.They buy a few pieces, and is cheaper to lose, I do not.
2009.03.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I think very cheap.ChiKemasu anywhere so compact.Power is weakened, it was good for a long time to enjoy this much more sense Mattari reversed.But unfortunately the battery is sticky.
2009.03.19 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Featured product was very surprised with the performance over price.I say sadly but in the bond addressed to her chestnut.It's also easy to carry around and package size.
2009.03.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
But very cheap, and this size makes it a very good work.Fairly evaluate the ability to use fingers with less inconvenience I used high for both sexes.But the battery life was also reserve team would be better if you replaced the battery faster because I often use.
2009.03.17 Given seven.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
After all cheap! Power shortage is undeniable, it is sufficient to consider the price! I recommend you buy something in passing.Enough to convey about the stimulus to be fixed with a finger I can.
2009.03.14 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
It is small and quiet, cheap and good.It is interesting to give impetus to his son.But perhaps because small batteries, battery toys do not like.Sorry there.
2009.03.03 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
This is good stuff for the price.However, I feel that disposable products.
2009.02.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
But I do not need a hand from the comfort of the body is good but can be attached to the fingers, I wear rubber (?) A little loose, overall rating is looked to shake off one 4 .
2009.02.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It has little power, is the best sound is quiet, I drain the battery faster.If more durable, no doubt.It is.
2009.02.24 Tele.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Recently purchased, I tried to use immediately.The wife is a school in chestnut, with housing situation is not much, so I put out a loud, normal rotor, and some refrain from using.If this rotor, I should not be so loud, I've used a caress, and directly into the chestnut, the good vibrations, just contact with teasing, seemed very excited, not satisfied Mashita.The sound is very quiet and good behavior, Shimai out the use of two batteries, but degraded, AG5 button cell battery because it was written, we examined the compatible battery, SR48, LR754 There are not very popular, there is a risk higher than the price of the unit decided to buy another.This price would be just as well be cast aside (the eco is contrary.)
2009.02.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
We deliver today, immediately, I used my wife is a good vibration, and ultimately crucial since our chestnut used to fit into a finger, do not use and have had things inconvenient.Is unavoidable for cheap room for improvement, I have.


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