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Sex Toy NLS >> Lubricants >> Choose by feature >> For onaho use >> [NOP] Peace's -Standard-
Sex Toy NLS >> Lubricants >> Choose by brand >> NLS ORIGINAL >> [NOP] Peace's -Standard-
Sex Toy NLS >> Lubricants >> Choose by feature >> Multiple use >> [NOP] Peace's -Standard-

[NOP] Peace's -Standard-

[NOP] Peace's -Standard-
Item code: 5318
(NOP) = NLS Original Product

This is our original lubricant which is water-based and is manufactured at a factory that has a license to produce cosmetics products. In order to prevent the propagation of germs after opening Peace's, organic substances were eliminated as much as possible, and therefore stable use can be performed.


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2010.03.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★
I think it's pretty good.It does not contain any extra ingredients, safe to use instead. recent random ingredients! I have a lot of lotion, but I hated the smell of chemicals and cosmetics LKatsu or, if this is good.
2010.03.07 Mattsu.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This product than anything [in terms of use and ease x, lotions and would not be compared to the other ( ) also find your Isuzu, you are good moderate viscosity (` ' ) amount, there are many Nde, who is anxious much pain after open (sweat) product is very satisfyingR('[`) Bruno.
2010.01.27 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The date written on it is safe, but many consider it the price space.I think this is a bargain.I bought one 2 w.
2008.12.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Previously I was a fan of Pepe, purchased from the high degree of satisfaction by word of mouth.I think there is a feeling good as Pepe.(Smooth Low) component notation, the products are safe to mention the production date.
2008.12.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought that in a campaign.It is also very good compatibility with the panache of Fine Instruments Using warm.Pepetohobo and mass is the same as the price after a matter of taste I guess.
2008.12.14 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The pigs are difficult to take in, to use Tekozurimashita.Lotion to think right viscosity.
2008.12.14 Rues.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I bought one hanging on the campaign.As is the feeling I like regular lotion.The centerpiece is a production date was November 25 and 08 were ordered in early December 2008.It also depends on the NLS-like availability, I think we might fairly fresh produce in about two weeks ago (and laughter than without degradation between, however, a higher degradation due to storage after opening I probably think that had better stay sharp.
2008.12.14 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Here is a little more than Pepeto I think a good deal.Securely use and is perfect.Now I use here.
2008.12.14 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
First hole (Seventeen) and bought lotion.360ml or less, so I know that a large amount, I bought two now, about once a month if you use one every day I think it is okay.Wash the sticky even after use.After a while longer.Otoshitai people quickly is not recommended.
2008.12.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I have purchased and try to buy get free shipping.I thought that even if this lotion in a fairly normal.We are now feeling lotion trouble even getting a lot.
2008.12.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I tried to buy that during the campaign.Many weight, so it was good deal, and enjoyed it a lot of weight covered body lotion, and are quality are recommended.Also, I want to buy, please continue the campaign.
2008.12.13 Dragster.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I feel a little stronger but perseverance is sometimes a problem can be diluted with water.This product is a reasonable price.I am satisfied.
2008.12.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
No reason.Just buy this time.We are comfortably in the mix and uses too thin lotion.With almost the same Peperoshon.May be bought at ease, so that bears do not speak properly or date of manufacture.
2008.12.12 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Is somewhat higher viscosity is quite impressive dry hard.So many other lotions I know the amount never used it, I thought it was a bargain.
2008.12.12 Hentai Kamen RX78.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Hall together with the purchase.Get free shipping + Lotion-essential use of the hall is no other option than not I buy it.
2008.12.11 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Free shipping in passing because it was purchased.But I'm feeling the lotion itself smoothly, easy to use lubrication so you and firmly.That must be ordered if you purchase something again.
2008.12.11 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Cheaper and can be used safely and they also noted the date of manufacture.Experience is very good.Free Shipping loss buy it because I do not think.
2008.12.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I use lotion for the main hall.I had bought a new summer products.Peperoshon than ever had been using, I was feeling weak viscosity is slightly smooth.Pull the strings a little less so degree, compared with ease and Pepe have felt better.This amount at this price, I think at the time rather use lotion combines usability and Pepe also constantly used.Peperoshon people are using the product in the hall I can recommend with confidence.
2008.12.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
^ ^ Good.I feel it away by the high viscosity.Anal that is made to feel good in a place considered sensitive.However, because of its high viscosity and difficult to deal I think better to use a tissue and wipes as well.It is also beneficial where a large amount of ^ ^.
2008.12.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought it anyway because there was free shipping on purchases Pieces campaign.I'm selling point of this product will be listed the date of manufacture to say the least.Can be used safely so I'm speaking of that thing right.In addition, the simplicity of my design, so I put on five star feedback rating.
2008.12.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I have purchased other items at the same time in free shipping promotions.The lotion is easy to use ordinary sense of security.Pepe Lotion classic design, but I feel very erotic reflex design, this lotion green ribbon eco felt somehow.
2008.12.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was drawn to buy Free Shipping.Pepe, so I used just exhausted.Can have a good feeling and feel Pepeto unchanged.This product is if they can continue to buy every campaign.
2008.12.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Lotion with a sense of security so I bought down along with the free shipping is the first campaign.I hope you have a date of manufacture is displayed.Safe to use.There is also almost the same as the Peperoshon feeling, I liked the simple design of this bottle.We want loyal even after the free shipping promotions.
2008.12.07 tommy.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
x[Pepe had previously been a fan of" get free shipping "was purchased was fished.Though [[Pepe and feel inferior, and are very satisfied."Free Shipping" campaign when they were done, and I want to keep buying. I'm very recommended.
2008.12.03 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Campaign because it was free shipping, I try to buy.There is no content and no problem is so common lubricant.Was impressed that the dates are written with a nice package.I hope to get deals done.I hope the campaign will still keep going.
2008.12.03 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Free Shipping (-480 yen) so I think it definitely buying.The product itself is fairly ordinary lotion.Definitely buy it again if the campaign continued even after the lost free shipping.Rather, without regard to the amount of use now is so cheap (laughs) I explained about the date of manufacture of goods, the manufacture date of 11/27 I ordered arrived in the Department was."Objective" in two weeks, but it is written yBimasen, "at least" within a month I think is good or item description as I think most are protected.
2008.12.01 Chin sex immediately.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Are always using Pepe, this choice for a change here.Change as much feeling and was not Pepe, I felt a little more is more smooth.At affordable prices, I feel safe there should have been completed well production date.
2008.12.01 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Is fortified.This is hardly an ordinary lotion at all Yeah.So easy to use.How long will shipping than to buy time-China Peperoshon not know if I -480 and more money and buy yen.
2008.11.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I bought it to take advantage of free shipping promotions.The impression I felt that using a low viscosity lotion smoothly than Pepe.Although I have been better dark little I like viscosity much comes with ZWari soggy like Pepe, Pepe has such people and some people say dark I think of just the right without any effort dilute.Other than that feature is not, Pepe Lotion 360ml lotion is classic because it cost the same price too high and the same amount, I thought it was defective and could become a classic pick over Pepe viscosity preference.It is also very similar to container w (not the same If I say print and color of the cap?)
2008.11.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought it in passing rather get free shipping when you buy this product at the same time.Inside is very good feeling as Peperoshon.I was also pleased with the lotion's also pretty confusing.Because safety is taken into account that the date of manufacture, such as conventions, I think that they have a good product overall sense of security.
2008.11.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Incidentally I bought it because the campaign was doing and get free shipping at the same time to purchase this product.The contents are not too different from Pepe lotion, I use sticky hole just the right feeling.Body lotion and has written for a clean look and I think it's okay to leave them room.Production month is the indication, it will Miuke commitment to safety, Pepeyoriiikamoshiremasen.I recommend it.
2008.11.30 fukuoka.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This product contains Tappuri inexpensive.And thoroughness of the seal be accompanied by a card containing the message sent when.JiRemashita enthusiasm.Temashita had been favorable to free shipping and other goods shipped to order this product now.The lotion is nice feeling.I think that's obvious too flashy packaging.
2008.11.30 Both Pi.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought this lotion first.If your are good enough for a little water so dilute.Even though what I think is cool ww Pakkeji run out and buy! .
2008.11.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is a good lotion.That amount is 600 yen, the components of the lotion container display And as a side and bottom are printed using date of manufacture can be used with confidence.Viscosity, and not like a jelly Puripuri Enemaguraroshon like tiara and is a regular lotion.Then, I think it has a solid lubricant from the container or other container without the heart.
2008.11.29 GGC.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought that instead of free shipping on Pepe.Pepe do not know much feeling.Sui Kaya is a more slippery and slightly and is about.Which I think is good, according to taste.
2008.11.26 Bardiche.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I felt it is odorless and tasteless and convenient first tried to use lotion.But I felt uncomfortable when I use it because the neighborhood was fine after a couple of weeks, but production was written by four goals to two weeks the product was not manufactured at all.This amount at this price, I think getting more and more lotion that will also include free shipping yet.
2008.11.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I just wore out the lotion, I was allowed to buy things that appreciate the free shipping.Quality that I think is normal as a lotion, and I think that is nearly three times the price sold similar products in stores, I felt quite a bargain.These PB (private) THANKS luck in the future.
2008.11.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought the place to be drawn completely free shipping.Maybe a big difference in comparison with Pepe and I think not.Think is very good to think things get just add shipping 100 yen.Free shipping if continued will continue, no doubt always sales would not become No.1.
2008.11.25 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Bought with the first hole.When I purchased was bought by a passing fishing since I was free shipping (find your smile can be used without reserve into lots so that very well.
2008.11.25 Anakin.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Since I used the campaign period.I always take care to dilute or too loose and I'm using the wrong type and amount of hard value pack.This product is the point right amount of Experience in the value pack and a comparison could be fairly happy.I feel comfortable using the impression without saying too thin with the anal.You've embarrassed even inadvertently seen by others because the design is simple and cute containers.It is one of worry that contains the date of manufacture, as everyone has written.Hope you put the lotion is easy way to tell if a vessel wants to soften a little.After that I think is useful to have a long thin mouth a little.I am quite happy with the price and feel together.
2008.11.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
If you have a pretty nice and rather cheap comparatively smoothly.Or lost, I think they can buy if you need a price adjustment.
2008.11.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
By this time we have a free shipping for each purchase during the promotion period.I always use is Pepe, with an impression I have not changed much.But Pepe package is "Yes!" I have a family who have difficulty in handling and Yu, this is not strange in the room could put a simple design.It was a nice package of more popularity even better ask her.
2008.11.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Ordinary lotion.Nor to take no special good bad thing.Given the campaign might be free shipping deals.
2008.11.23 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The other way can you write well, we have acquired during the campaign because it was too.It has the same capacity price free shipping Pepe Lotion was immediately ordered.I have written a very good day in the production design also nice.I also want to buy us.
2008.11.22 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Since we have purchased in the charming campaign.Free shipping with it, I found the moment, into our basket immediately.(^ ^; TheKimashi, the amount of content, I am very happy.(^ O ^) but it is also dated, it is good security.(^ ^) So far, We have been using the lotion provided with holes.
2008.11.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
It was seen in a campaign to buy the free shipping this time.My impression was the quality of the lotion I usually w I know so much, not usable, as well as stress and Pepe.The product and quite sensible Dattari packages fashionable little or production date has been completed, I think I will buy a lotion it.
2008.11.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This product like the rice you have, I think your product can no changes in other commodities.Get free shipping.It's best to it.Free shipping with buy it to test products with other Pieces come with a free way.And I feel good.Rest is design.Is not normally care about GOOD aside is not it?
2008.11.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I'm usually a fan of Pepe, I saw I bought the sweet sounds of free shipping.After use as a feedback, not much different from Pepe, in other words, I think that's a good lotion.Ultimately, some will even feel like a soft way of Pepe.I thought it was a great product either way.
2008.11.21 You.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought because it was during the free shipping.I feel as if I was using almost the same as Pepe.Can use it with confidence because there are date of manufacture is a little revolutionary than ever.It is a nice stylish labels.
2008.11.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Discount on the campaign Rashiku And so I got with shipping.Pepeto thing itself is not much different (in this case is the same with the price) that is equivalent to a performance Pepeto.Here we were superior in terms of shipping.There are more space, and might fail kore Once you've bought the lotion in doubt anyway.
2008.11.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I always feel relieved to have bought it in passing since the date of manufacture, but I get free shipping Pepe soaking, but here I feel somewhat fresh.
2008.11.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is spread from where the most important thing, will still want to choose a sense of security products and people always do.When I drop a little sticky but hard, feeling it will not change care lotions and Pepe.Is about to take a little time to adapt to the sense of water when melted.Then he asked what the user's liking.
2008.11.17 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I feel very good feel slimy like Pepe.I teased becomes free shipping, as I buy the very bargain! .
2008.11.15 Try.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The lotion was purchased to use the hall.Pepe used initially.Then I purchased the Hall and Pieces, was best suited to me was this Pieces.Pepe bought when using the first, dilute with water and slip really bad, I was wrong in my experience, Pieces is a good point for sledding and easy to use just the right water can Menaku .In that sense, I should not dilute too Halls, there is a smell I had a good product at a balanced point Pieces.Above all, written in italics and the date made, and a sense of security for the form.Pepe also the most popular price change is recommended that you try the one time experience.
2008.11.12 Pa ne.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I wanted to shake than a second after murmuring buy "light?" I think there is quite Kosi and try out.They are also fairly secure viscosity is practical enough personally.Anyone who does not have a strong commitment will be no problem.Stated ingredients, simple exterior, specify the date of manufacture plus I am happy.You can buy with confidence what is rated low.I would like to use in the future.
2008.11.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is engraved with the date of manufacture, it is safe.Good viscosity, and affordable prices.So plenty of volume, if common use, it is recommended.
2008.11.05 Masato.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
You might say, but ordinary lotion, I try it I feel I have put Otte since when you buy in the store or lotions.I would not care that it safe to use part of the lining of the body.In that respect, this lotion can fill scraping the date of manufacture are well enough there and love the feeling of pulp is tasteless and odorless.The lotion is pleasant and easy to wash and pulp is not incompatible with, is not a pulp washing system slip, so easy to knock down a shower while I guess.Means, that you Tameshi.
2008.11.03 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
At first I had purchased a Pepe is also started when I bought a test Pieces.I honestly felt Pepeyorimokotchino easier to use.If I had won the right and so on and washable dry condition.Now was the dish that seems to want to buy Pepejanakutekotchiwo.5 pieces, so no complaints.
2008.10.30 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I personally did not feel different from Pepe.Well I say that I usually do.
2008.10.25 tomato.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Pieces of that, and I'd recommend the package because it is difficult personally Barre, is lower than the viscosity of lotion Pepe.So, for those who like dark eyes like me may not suit a bit.However, the music is so dilute saves time.
2008.10.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Pepetopepetokanari are similar, and here there was a choice experiment with the first sight indistinguishable.Plus enough water at a concentration of slightly Pepe, who bowed and feel is similar to slip.I think a little better flow and ease.The mild - much like the match Pepe Me Bettori solid system such as Sara and Sara Hall, who takes care of each other I think is dilute.However, 17 or may be difficult to use.I do not know how much I kept lotion, just to reach what is producing a sense of security.
2008.10.20 Pichonkun.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought the first school at the same time.I was impressed with the particular feature is not available.Lotion is extremely normal.No odor, and me doing the role of a buffer hole firmly.The firm played a requested feature.Lack of waste that has the features you need as needed products, such as date of manufacture noted in addition that I think it is appropriate to the age of the suspect responsible for the current product.
2008.10.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Until now we were using Pepe, and the price is to try same amount I bought Peaces.Insensitive to me the difference between that and not feel too Pepe, in the design I like this better. There is a sense of security that also contains the date of manufacture.Smell the odor is enough viscosity.About feeling good, so satisfying, I think not hurt to buy.
2008.10.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Until now I was using Pepe, sometimes I think I bought after I saw the difference.Feeling is felt by Pepeni most cunning, it is easy to wash after using the sink some time Pepeyori.No particular feature is, I wonder why feel confident using.
2008.10.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Non Pepe lotion! Pieces did not just look good and they look at me.Weekly feeling is convinced that the bottom is described reasonably well in the same manufacturing date Pepetohobo.
2008.10.04 ks.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I have purchased for the hall to capacity because it was priced.Bottom of the body which contains the date of manufacture, can be used with confidence.Without any strange smells, I love it and very easy to wash.What easier place than Asutoroguraido dry if there is a shortage.
2008.10.01 Aix.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The image I immediately fell hard lotion - I'd wash - I thought, but was moved using a comparatively slender; Pieces - is IToseta.Is the impression I personally hope this will be helpful for you.
2008.10.01 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I felt that I was no different with Pepe, indeed.Comfort and a beautiful bottle that is filled with the date of manufacture can be evaluated.
2008.10.01 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Pieces I bought for the hall.Lotion because it was the first time, chose a popular thing.Why can not other than the amount recommended for the price so much.The honesty is something less amount of drug and Takashi Ishi.In my case, nearly a month with daily grandmother and uncle.
2008.09.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★(Buyer)
But I'm not out of the lotion itself looks a little lotion I use for the evaluation Artificial vagina to Pieces is a good one since 3 .
2008.09.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Speaking of better or worse, what high road? But some major items of comparable structure, the production date is written minutes still may feel more comfortable here.
2008.09.16 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Lost before it had been using the lotion, and after much debate Peperoshon was the Pieces.I myself, I did not use too much lotion, the smell of things was tough because I had used before, since we received the views of Pieces will be used on a daily basis.I think a very good product and dry with no smell.Good buy! .
2008.09.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This lotion has been pretty solid, too solid and I still use.So usually I use 2 ~ 3 times diluted.It's hard being exposed lotion look and very nice.The diluted for use, more so than the actual capacity, it is used quite a long time.Halls and say it has the opposite characteristics, However, the preparation I felt good that day.
2008.09.11 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Lotion is the first and so there is no comparison with the combination of the first hole.There are thinner and write Pepe, but to me this deep Kano Hana.3 / 2 was enough to dilute and good feelings.I bottle design and the cost is very good.
2008.09.11 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I thought I bought a lotion or equal to Pepe.Privately, I think Pepe who is slow to dry.
2008.09.08 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
And backwards from the day you arrived, were indeed produced within two weeks! Try using the impression, how hard they have little dry rustle? I feel it.At affordable prices from simple colors in the form of bottles, not bad I think.
2008.09.04 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I used him Hajimeterashiku, very pleased.However, since it came 10 minutes passed, still dry, I have to use more and more.Not at all harmful to the skin, it is all right if properly washed.
2008.09.02 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I was feeling with Pepe Pepeto than ever there is no significant difference.I think it's insistence on buying subtle difference in viscosity, so the same amount both in the same price.
2008.09.01 R07.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The reason I chose it because it was the same price as the same amount of ^ w ^ Pepe first design.Design so simple, that I exert any problem, even as it placed (but for a stranger.)Was a similar feeling like Pepe.In Kanji or Apepehachotto lively, or Pieces is a viscosity greater than the elastic? If you raise the difficulty, the difficulty washed> <; I felt a bit down hard.But the problem is either in use ^ ^ I do not even-handed and seems to save some weight, I think it's a 5 ^ ^.
2008.08.29 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I feel similar to Pepe.What is a very good lotion for everyday use.
2008.08.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Transfer purchased from Pepe.In that Pepe did not pull the strings is very, very well here could pull a string type.Quite difficult to extend it to dry, it looks good with less amount.Odorless odor is doubt about the nose (Idake Nibb yourself? Seems to be compatibility withԐS.
2008.08.24 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Since the first purchase lotion, compared with other products safe to use and I think better because it contains the date of manufacture can not.I think it's OK to leave them around so that Iyarashikunai design.
2008.08.23 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Unlike ordinary lotions, growing sense of surprise! Even with no long dry, slimy feeling is very pleasant.It is also just the right viscosity.
2008.08.23 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
I was using exclusively Pepe, I bought this here.The comparison can simply use it has changed, it is recommended that seem like the bottle too.This design also've accidentally touched the public eye, kind of know.
2008.08.21 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
What is required when using a very large vibrator ....She is wet it is hard, especially "Big Ma Olga power" is used when using all the time.... But I wonder a little bit of frustration and heavy, so put my bag a little bigger.
2008.08.18 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This is the best lotion can buy without worrying about the amount of price.If you look at me from reaching was much more than I thought.I do not see why not use that phrase, especially.Recommended means.
2008.08.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I was usually using Pepe To a trial purchase.Do not know much difference, I feel like a little less dry than Pepe.Since the same price and thought I could be a little cheaper.But I can recommend that lotion.
2008.08.15 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Referring to the mouth of everyone <Pieces> buy. <Chapter VI and flowers Furashumoka core> to good use. These two. To use even tolerate the amount of water to make 1 3. Problems economical. and. may have been filled in the date of manufacture. got yesterday <Proof of Fine Instruments> is often used in small amounts. very economical. and thus stars. also follows lotion <Pieces> to.
2008.08.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★(Buyer)
Until now, basically speaking of lotion "Pepe" was a fan of.CP Price and quality was so far ... other than lotion.But the complaint in terms of viscosity @Sen (in my sticky too ...) I had this time with reference to the other mouth buy here.I immediately tried not feel much difference in the overall look Pepetoamari will not feel like there is a great peace of mind in that freshness.Dated so that sensitive areas Nanibun object used to squash! Be quite right and choose from the following ....(Laughs).
2008.08.10 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Until now, PEPE has been mainly used, and Asutorojeru system, and also tried using the Halls, personally I like the best Pieces.PEPE feel like I almost think that you can use a little more time with people here.Other types of lotion, or too watery flow during use, or in dry, but not fully satisfied, but it's nice that you can use without worrying about that.
2008.08.09 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Peperoshon feels more smoothly and is easy to use.I think to use and easier to use in the hall Peperoshon.It seems the idea of depending on preference, but I think both try To a trial.
2008.08.06 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I never bought the lotion ever decided to buy everyone a look at word of mouth.As you say, it looks like the container of dressing is good that it can safely be seen.It is also very good but the price for a large amount of content.
2008.07.20 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Pepe does not feel like a lump, I think experience is a good lotion.Pepe ever has used with Nachure.Pepe has a hardness> Pieces> The Pieces as the difficulty of drying Nachure Pepe>> I feel that Nachure.Since the subjective impression, thank you to the reference level.I think so much money, why not buy one and buy Onaho incidentally I do not know.
2008.07.02 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The price I got this from the amount of relief they can Katsuko production date is written.Slightly thinner in viscosity is much Pepe is so easy to use undiluted.
2008.06.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
This lotion is recommended.If you have a Pepe ever used, bought for the lost.The dark little Pepe, and feels they have a bad, but it now always used after diluted with water, which often have as is was small enough.Chapter VI was used to fill this ԐS, and it seemed a good chemistry.The container also can have a simple and likable.And so will be 5 bon app?tit.
2008.06.26 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
It is my impression that Pepe is a bit diluted prefer here.It is also nice that contains the date of manufacture.I thought the taste of viscosity for everyone as each person will be by Pepe.We want to be liked speaking to family-size desires.
2008.06.24 Erotic speak immediately.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
Pepe and I just, I also purchased for a change.The sensuous feel very nice, but less than Sarah Pepe did not appear to be about the difference.Use a large volume of more than anything else at this price is very attractive.
2008.06.22 Okay.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★
I bought the first time.I think that feeling as much as Pepe.I go to the bathroom lotion play with his wife, came gradually a state of high care, while comfortably embraced was inserted at best.It was hard going to put up with.It is always going to be a habit wife liked a lot.I like it because the container can not.
2008.06.13 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
The first time we purchased this product as a series, if a system very similar to the access policy Pepe, and the impression was that I became slightly weaker than the viscosity of Pepe.Pepe and change it as convenient, there is no discomfort.Above all, Pepe containers, when discarded, were in need of disposal containers for them and obviously know, so if it looks like salad dressing, a disposable container and I feel free.And also the price of goods as well, so Pepetohobo same, in order to differentiate a little subdivision and the capacity to enhance the size proportions, the device will reduce the price of current size As a user of one day and I appreciate the thought.
2008.06.11 Anonymous.'s comments    Rate: ★★★★★(Buyer)
I bought it earlier bought out the lotion.Has no particular smell, viscosity is not felt a little Yul.Well, it might be from getting hot.The container vessel, such as dressing, because it is just a thin mouth, and put it useful to small.You can also have confidence in the production date is written on the bottom portion.Well, the most attractive value for money than anything will.


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